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If i weren't such a dork, I'd be pretty awesome emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif
I'm a fashion design and merchandising student hoping to live and move to Paris soon smilies/icon_whee.gif I love books, video games, collecting dvds, shopping and changing avi's almost everyday if i can. I may seem snooty, but i'm really not. I'm just really shy when conversing with new people. hmmm...I guess I don’t have much to say as I thought I did.


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Deus Vitae Report | 11/24/2015 2:54 pm
Deus Vitae
ughh omg wrong person sweatdrop burning_eyes
Deus Vitae Report | 11/24/2015 12:21 pm
Deus Vitae
hooray congrats on finishing the quest! 3nodding biggrin
Yokies Report | 11/23/2015 11:30 am
I'm sure the more you read up on it the easier it'll get to remember this stuff. o wo I've been doing okay. I finally cleaned out some of my room it's kind of crazy how much stuff I threw out yet I still have.. so much stuff. gonk
Razer Report | 11/23/2015 7:37 am
I like to quest and it seem realistic.
It depends on how much I want an item.
I can dish out the funds for tickets but i personally
dont want to overly do my quests.
or do more vending than i normally do.
because i push too hard!

i guess thats one good thing about OCD for me.
If i get obsessed with earning stuff i dont give up.

Only item I truly want was an angelic halo
to earn back all items i ever lost but its not a high desire.

i'm more content dressing my avi with some new updated items.
but find it nags in the back of my mind.
(you had two halos in your gaia existence
why cant you go for one now?)

I find that item bad luck or it was.

I meant for when you add people as friends on PS4?
KirosRazer is my PS tag.

Razer Report | 11/23/2015 7:13 am
I could of chosen two avatars but i dont now other avatars items,
i'm sure i could find one.
since i did art for her before a few times..

but on the first pose he'd be in my left hand.
second shes on my right side. lol.

but you can do two looks
and two positions.

Thank you! emotion_hug
she'll have a MP listing and as far as i'm concerned she'll never be sold lol
selling a friend sounds horrible! one person who didnt know about these things asked if i'll be listing her to purchase... X_X;

it was like hell no! in my mind.

I do work quick if i'm very determined.

Oh yeah I heard about it! everyone was watching crap discussed in E3 this year i heard FF7..
and somrthing else i was interested in too xD
and FORGOT! I was beyond excited...

PS4 and previous PS controllers have a better in your hand feel to me.
Not overly bulky, you can recharge PS3/PS4 versus the senseless battery need!
Wii's controller was not designed well.. sweatdrop
i ended up selling mine eventually and i never sell game systems but my nephew was wanting one.

For games with little to no interaction its best to buy the controller you can use those games.
I sucked at mario games with those! D:
and I loved JustDance i had fun with that one.
(I still play DDR for my PS2.)

I hope that game offers that too,
i really have been wondering a lot!
what is your gamer tag,
mine is KirosRazer i keep a sephiroth icon on mine
i have cloud too but use sephiroth on mine.
from Dissidia.
Razer Report | 11/23/2015 6:18 am
its been awhile since I heard plans for a remake of 7.
I mean its been suggested and often brought up for remaking.

PS is more my style of controller.
(Like a better SNES controller)
x-box is very uncomfy to use in my hands.
I'm kinda ambidextrous but at times i hold controllers upside down.
or switch hands xD

x-box i forget where everything isat, yet buttons can be similar.
I'm used to PS and its more comfortable in my hands.
Despite playing both.

I heard that it was a lot in Wow, paladin i did here was more my style.
(I love paladins or knight but damn a paladin would be awesome! lol)
Final Fantasy Realm Reborn I saw but I have not tried it.
I first noticed it when I was browsing on PS4.
I wasnt sure how it worked.

In recent I been playing DBZ Xenoverse lol...
for the fact I can create my own saiyan or other races.
along with the idea it can be either gender.
and a btter story for the character.
i love those games lol..

I sent in my order yesterday for the quay doll.

(I achieved the goal either yesterday or saturday.
Now I can relax!
My OCD and constantly thinking was obsessing bad on it.
I hope to earn another one day to make copies..
but right now the one is important! )

I slept better this weekend.
Yokies Report | 11/23/2015 3:07 am
Oooh wait maybe I confused it with another kin then. xD Your kin's ability to inflict a status ailment also depends on your opponent's resist stat. If it has a high resist, it'll be harder to poison or sleep. Ah well, I'm not really sure what level is best to start fighting them at, I do believe after 40 you can start doing it, but Level 33-35 Sycamorte can still one hit Cereus, though it's very rare to do so. Every attack the kin do have a max damage and a minimum damage, and sometimes Sycamorte's max damage can be more than your kin's health. xD Cereus can still get one hit KO'd even at level 50 against the high level Sycamorte, but like I said, it's rare, it more than likely wont happen to you. Pumperilla is more likely to live any hit, even with Syca gets max damage because it has more health, but since Cereus can put the tree to sleep it can be a bit more useful.
Yokies Report | 11/23/2015 2:54 am
All of Pumpae's skills have a chance to poison I believe, it's just that the one named Poison isn't that great haha. I actually don't have a Sakura, I only have three maxed out. o wo Machia, Pumperilla and Cereus. I just know a lot of about Sakura since it's all people talk about regarding Kindred. xD
Yokies Report | 11/23/2015 1:11 am
Ah yeah them knowing their own healing move is good. And it might not seem like such a difference at first if you're still fighting lower level kin. The ones with more health will be more noticeable. Poison probably isn't worth using after you learn something else. ^^ And I maxed our Cereus a few days ago.
Yokies Report | 11/20/2015 12:35 pm
They get more skills as they level, after a point there is going to be only one skill you'll be using because it'll be the strongest. xD In Cereus's case, it's strongest attack would be Bloody Bite. It learns another attack after that, but that's still the best one. For Pumpae (or Pumperilla, since that'll be what it is when it learns it) it would be Candy Crash. Pumperilla and Cereus also learn healing skills, which heal themselves 100%, and used effectively will cut back your healing potion usage (though they learn them much later in leveling, it's basically late game healing since you'll be more than likely trying to kill trees at that point). Every kin also has a "status" ailment that they can inflict. Status ailments include Sleep, Poison (lasts a few turns), Stun (prevents the opponent from attacking, much like sleep), Confusion (the opponent can hit itself) and Wither (makes skills use more MP) Pumpae's line does Poison, which is why some people probably prefer Cereus (for cost) since it gets Sleep, and everyone likes Sakura in general because it inflicts Sleep. o wo


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