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name: caleb
age: 21, taken.
lives: iowa
giving a s**t: nope
<--- that over there is my mug.

I'm a lit flame, what's your future I predict pain, slit veins, squished brains I'm just saying, locked in the basement causes madness and errors, all I have to talk to is the ******** man in the mirror.

whatup, you got the basics of me awesome. here is the run down, im sarcastic, a bit of an a**. calm until pushed too far then your face meets pavement. other than that i will be here on gaia for 1 of 3 reasons, 1 im bored/forums or journaling, 2 RP guilds n such, 3 Friends. (ive been on her for atleast 6yrs now and its something i just dont want to give up, too many good memories.)
however i have a message left over for a special someone so listen closely dear,
You were the love I used to see in my dreams, but when we met how come s**t can never be what it seem, I was pleased with the things we did together, it's like we were a team, but you would change when I flee from the scene, around me you were pure hearted, loving and caring, and when we hung out you'd even brighten up your appearance. you fooled me like you were smart, cute and something to stare, but you were fronting little b***h, now I'm struggling to bare it, because you were the opposite of what you told me you don't do. you saw my heart exposed, grabbed a hold and then broke through, hoes are just so rude, ******** bogus and cold to, oh but there's no dude you would let interfere, with our love, that's the exact s**t you said in my ear, when you arrived in my world, I thought heaven was near, but time made it very clear that the devil was here, so ******** you.