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:) MEE!

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Last Login: 05/01/2016 6:17 am

Gender: Female

Birthday: 05/12/1994



for any kind of hobby and crafts! smilies/icon_heart.gif can't find EXACT PLACE FOR YOUR HOBBY? COME HERE TO MAKE YOUR OWN TOPIC AND KEEP IT!:heart

About me :)

hi my name is ******* ask me it. i love being on here! smilies/icon_smile.gif talk to me im nice. i dont add people who are a$$es and if your plain rude or give me the creeps. 0.o. i like all sorts of music(except country and rap) i love reading and making my dolls. i met my besties on here. smilies/icon_smile.gif another thing don't ask me for my items items and gold or i'll ignore you,only when ill give a item is when i have duplicates or they aren't expensive. smilies/icon_razz.gif i'm 16,straight and single not looking for now,my height is 5ft6 going on 7 yay! i do all sorts of things. i crochet and knit but i think crocheting is better. smilies/icon_smile.gif i have a group for it and other crafts to just need to find people who like it. i have a picture on here on my profile. xD i get bored quickly sometimes. i'm a bit of a perfectionist at a lot of things especially with my words sometimes >.<. my avatars tend to go to a dark doll kinda or a angel. xD i'm not rude to people just if you go a bit to far and don't know when to stop. i have a lot of favorite bands so ask me or look at my playlists i tend to forget them when people ask. 0.o

my mix-matched music. xD

comments! now scroll down your know you want to. xD

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Xentrax 607 Report | 05/12/2015 1:20 pm
Xentrax 607
Hey. I know you never really get on here, and you probably dont remember me.... but I was thinking about you recently. Hope you are well, and happy birthday smile
RavenDarknessAtarashi Report | 07/17/2012 8:21 pm
Your avi looks really Japanese. ^__^
XxMomoManga97xX Report | 07/21/2011 6:37 pm
cuuutttee profile :3
HipsterCrochets Report | 04/05/2011 10:32 pm
Thank you! biggrin
Xentrax 607 Report | 03/24/2011 9:04 pm
Xentrax 607
Hello. biggrin How're you? ninja
Xentrax 607 Report | 03/14/2011 9:12 pm
Xentrax 607
Oh, is your laptop still a bother? And I am doing fantastic really. rofl
Xentrax 607 Report | 03/14/2011 8:54 pm
Xentrax 607
Hai. biggrin Howre you?
Xentrax 607 Report | 03/07/2011 7:41 pm
Xentrax 607
lol Ello clown of fluffiness! XD
Xentrax 607 Report | 03/01/2011 9:57 pm
Xentrax 607
Hello. biggrin
xXShining_ArmorXx Report | 02/20/2011 10:00 pm
because it recommend u as a friend mrgreen

its like riping the wings off a fragile butterfly..

the doll i made. ^_^

Son aussi facile que l'extraction des ailes d'un papillon

:heart:"its as easy as ripping wings of a butterfly...". "once there was a fragile doll siting on a shelf with a lonely heart. so a little girl bought her from the person who made her and shattered her to bits five days after she got her,sad isn't it? but theres a twist,whoever breaks a doll with a lonely heart on purpose will die in the exact number of days the owner had the doll, so the doll was happy then 5 days after shattered but she was happy.:heart:

choco-taiyaki-x thanks smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

for my guild by manduez!

by kalorian3!

by Slinky Bee