Hi I'm Christy.
I currently live in Switzerland. I'm 21 years old and I'm fluent in German, English and Chinese.
I work as a waitress at a Japanese restaurant and Model at Time Model Agency. I'm half Chinese/German & 5'10.
I really love to travel, I'd want to travel the world someday. Ive been to most places in Europe and lived in the US for five years.

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Hbd, Xing.
Prince Maikeru

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Prince Maikeru

Wow, the hotel fawking up your reservations became a nice blessing for you and your friends! How long did you guys stay at the pent for? Nope, I believe I am not the one driving so I can knock out in the back sat and sober up ;D I can't drive drunk and the thought of doing so is rather scary. o-o And what, why you drinking so much lately? -pokes- but same here, I never had a hangover before. I've just got really drunk as fawk and omg... Never again. xD
Oh lalala! I get to see your country first, am I invited to come into your home too? Oh, I've always wanted to go Italy, I wanna try out their foods,especially pasta. ;D It better be good or I'll be so disappointed. My boss is Italian and she brings yummy recipes to work for all of us to enjoy. LMAO, I had to google search some of those cities. Shows how much I know of Europe. So I wouldn't know if Budapest woman are hot or not! Hey, are you going to try to hook me up with a lady or something? :'P

I've been to San Diego's Comic Con before with my Yu-Gi-Oh team about 5 years ago. There was a tournament there and of course, we loved playing at big leagues. ;D But yes, there was a lot famous people and awesome cosplays of superheros and s**t. Aha, it's more Amercanized costumes and guests there though. That's one of the major differences from Expo and Con. OMFG, I know what you mean, you see all the flab and you think, "Damn, Super Girl really let herself go. She ain't too super anymore." xD Yes I was going to dress up but my cosplay is pretty simple. LMAO. I bought this this and this so yeah, I'm going to be hiding my face. I will become... Prince Maikeru vi Britannia! 8'/
LMAO, yes please. Naked is best in my opinion, unless you like tan lines. Have you ever got sun burnt? ;o I've never experienced burnt skin before no matter how long I was at the beach. Must have natural sun deflecting skin or something. You gotta show me you in a bikini ;DD And yup, too many bloody stuff. It's like come on, be creative and come with some epic stuff. >:/ Especially for guys. We totally need more items, it'll be years if guy items ever caught up with amount of lady items. There's new Majoko eyes? Is it pretty?
Prince Maikeru

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Prince Maikeru

LOL, I am not sure I'd stay in a hotel as fancy as the penthouse. xD Two grand per day or week sounds kinda pricey for us to blow on! Besides, I think we are going to go in the morning and come back the next day after we are partied out. Oh ho ho, the sweet luxuries of being in the state next door. c; It's nice that I know someone that knows Europe like the back of their hand. At least I will never get lost aha. Where would you take me first? Aha, I am legal now but I wasn't the last time I went to Las Vegas which utterly sucked. I will make up for the past and hit jackpot 8'/

Oooo anime expo is supposedly the biggest anime gathering in The United States of America which is conveniently located in Los Angeles. I think cosplayers from around the world come and show off their epic cosplays. Although, they are mixed in with the crowd of cosplay newbs, omg the horrific cosplay newbs. XD I already got my gaia convention badge achievement the other year though so I might just give this years away or use it on a mule, idk. Here's the general activities at the AX;http://www.anime-expo.org/what-is-ax/

Ahaha, tanning for the summer huh? Are you planning to get into a swimsuit and go to the beach? ;D I am naturally tanned so I don't have to worry about doing so. ;o LOL just don't turn out like snookie, that orange tan is just a no. >w> Yeah, I am surprised it's getting hot over there, I think of Switzerland as a cold a** place to live. o .o; I wonder what you'd be like if you lived in L.A though, it can be hot a'f here. I woke up this morning HOT, the first thing I did was take a cool shower.

GaiaOnline is eh, inflation continues, recolors are pumped out like cray, and other s**t. I only started coming on more, like 24/7 more last week.
Prince Maikeru

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Prince Maikeru

Niceee! I still wonder what it'd be like if I go to Europe. Aha. Well my plans so far is going to Las Vegas with my 2 of my co workers, I haven't been there for the longest and they kept talking about all the new structures they built in the past 5 years so I am stoked. I'm also totes legal to gamble so I might blow some dough on that, not a lot knowing my chances. >_> Also, I'm going to the anime expo in the beginning of July, I am totally excited to do that. I wonder what "famous" anime peeps I will meet this year. I'm going to check out the gaia offline event of course and possibly meet a few gaian friends! OH OH and when it gets wayyy to hot for me to handle, I'm going to the beach, Santa Monica beach, I want to go on the rides! :'D There's more stuff I want to do but they are "iffy." xD Yes, I remember his head exploded too in the end. OMFG, I thought he was totally going to win the fight and was surprised when he... met an unfortunate end. I ahven't read the books either, I started watching it because Ramo recommended it. We watched the first few episodes of season 4 together, but he kinda vanished ;o and LOL, no air conditioning is horrid. I would totes bring a fan and water spray bottle to cool myself off there. Although, that might make the workers and customers faint if they saw. wink
Prince Maikeru

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Prince Maikeru

Hell yes, so much time... I don't even know what to do with it. xD Awww, are you still working at the same place? It's good that you aren't online much, real life offers so much more aha. Although I must say I missed you. That sounds awesome, is there a concert in stockholm or just checking out certain tourist spots? I have a few places I am going for sures during the next two months. ;D AND YES, I've been watching Game of Thrones with a friend. Sadly I've started watching it at season 4, I've been meaning to have a marathon but I've been busy doing other stuff(and being lazy). Was episode 8 when Oberyn got his eyes gorged out? LOL. OMFG, did you watch Sunday's episode, the action, the suspense... twas a good episode. DEFEND THE CASTLE.
Prince Maikeru

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Prince Maikeru

Omg, hey Xing! heart
it's been forever.
I thought you got kidnapped.
Was about to gear up and hunt down the suspects. xD

I've been gooooodd!
Work is done til August! Woot.
How about you hun? 3nodding

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heyyy been a while how you doing? xd biggrin
Sun Gadget

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Sun Gadget

Hi Dolly. : )
Reloaded Games

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Reloaded Games

nice avi rofl

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The first song?
I hope its the first song~ heart whee


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