I either eat too much or starve myself.
Sleep for 14hours or have insomniac nights.
Fall in love very hard or hate passionately.
I don't know what grey is.
I never did.

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Christy | 1992 | Switzerland
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Jobs fill your pocket,
Adventures fill your soul.
Let's take a trip!

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Report | 08/22/2017 7:10 pm


Oh gaia says its chur Bday. Bet it is wrong biggrin

Happy birthday Xingy, eat lots of cake, and save me a slice plox.

And you look younger, not older, df is that vampy gene?!

Report | 08/22/2017 7:08 pm


Thats cus ya a nub.. what else there to do on gaia that hasnt been done biggrin
That is nice, how much moolah you pay per month? Why you tellin meh it is big, you inviting me over right 3nodding
It sounds nice, seems like you'll have loads a fun, u moving to the new house because why?

L M A O student lyf seems to make u seem younger again, your partyin so hardcore. That is nuffin try partyin till 6am, have two hours smeep, and then go on 40km bike ride till 6pm. Never again. But ya mountain thing sounds real kewl. Great congrats you made me jelly again. I just cant seem to do those finks ere. Bish pls invite me up to mountain, we can pitch a tent, and watch teh stars together. I check ya fb for pics 2moro, it is 3am right noe.

10am? what time you writing this coment for meh? omg smeep moar, even I cant handle those times, I am gettin old.

Report | 08/22/2017 10:06 am


Happy Birthday Xing !
and have a good one ! heart mrgreen

Report | 08/22/2017 6:25 am


~ XinXin ~
Happy Birthday
I hope you have an awesome day

Report | 07/19/2017 8:36 am


Best go to the pharmacy and see what cough thingy they can advise you on, if your docs are like anything over ere, den they are just trying to save money. Used to pop Coltalin GP tabs when I was in HK. Otherwise rest well and drink plenty <3

LOL your getting old, thus gettin so many ailments, JKin, prolly just bad smeeping posture, u been tossing & turning too much, obby

Been fine just doing giftbox badge, and listening to music I find randomly on utub. I remember you telling me to watch Gossip Girl (not watched) ,& Breaking Bad, so here is my recommendation back, ave you watched Westworld?

Still house hunting getting no where, my bro on the other hand just brought his place :/ So yeah no pressure.
How else have you been ?

Report | 07/18/2017 2:00 am


Have you even logged in since last time you were on, oh most people are on at reset time, try that instead of late night
How is the cough, better? Did you even see a doc
N0 H8

Report | 07/11/2017 5:11 pm

N0 H8

Uesugi Ankit

Report | 07/07/2017 2:00 pm

Uesugi Ankit

What was the reason you broke up, if you don't mind me asking? You don't have to tell me. o:
You no longer talk with him at all? :c I hope it is just a break, you sound pretty broken up about it.

Oh yeah, you told me about that friend once. It's good you have one person that understands it all! And you're always free to hit me up if you want to talk to me about anything (can't remember if I said that on the last comment)

Please Christy, you better relax before I fly over to Switzerland and hide all your beer talk2hand I'm gonna cut you off homie >.>
Drink water instead! Iced water is so good lmao I went out to eat with friends the other day, we all ordered water and man, was that water good xd Water and wings is a good combo I guess haha

Ohh I hear comic con is hard af to get into. This was anime con. Oh s**t, what if I got caught in the background of those pics? O:
idk if she told you, but man the lines were horrible! It was a mess lmao I'd go again next year, but I hope they get their s**t together with the lines
Do you cosplay for them? o: This one was my first one ever, never thought I'd go to one tbh
Uesugi Ankit

Report | 07/05/2017 5:32 pm

Uesugi Ankit

Dude holy crap :c I'm sorry about the breakup D: You lived with him before, right?
That will be interesting xD Don't do anything stupid though ;o; Stop getting drunk hoe! Find a friend you can talk it out with, alcohol shouldn't even be an option :/ It's not attractive either Christy >:U
Hit me up on skype or something if you ever do need to talk to someone

But just find a friend and let it all out c: It's what I always hear so I guess that's the thing to do? Just stay away from the alcohol >.>
I hope it isn't something bad, it might just be the stress and all that's going on. Drink water instead of beer xD I do hope you get better soon! heart

Not much really. I went to Anime Expo for the first time this past Saturday, was pretty cool, but my feet were dead by the end of the day lmao
Other than that, just hanging out with friends, watching anime, etc
Uesugi Ankit

Report | 06/30/2017 5:04 pm

Uesugi Ankit

Ahaha where's the faith bro?

Aye so what's going on with you? How's life?


Live for the now.

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