Hi I guess you're here for a reason.
I have a real name. I just prefer Korra.
I won't tell you my real name unless I've known you like forever.
I am _years old. Ask if you want to know.

Race: Japanese, German, Irish, Costa Rican, English, Cherokee Indian

I have more dislikes than likes so to speak.

Best friends: Not very many people talk to me or like me for that matter due to the fact that I'm very blunt and upfront

I spend most of my time either working, writing, drawing, on here, or saving lives!! heart

I speak english (obvsly) somewhat know spanish and desperately wants to learn German and Japanese.

Favorite shows: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Code Lyoko, Karin, Negima?!, Fruits Basket, Spongebob, Family Guy, South Park, American Dad, Metalocalypse, Robot Chicken, Totally Spies, Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat (YES I KNOW ITS FOR KIDS BUT ITS STILL CUTE AND I STILL LIKE IT), Yumiere Patissiere, and many more I can't even think of right now

Favorite movies: Holes, Nightmare Before Christmas, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (both versions), Corpse Bride, Beetle Juice, Dark Shadows, The new Alvin and the Chipmunks movies, Norbit, and many more I still can't think of right now..

Favorite Colors: red, black, and blue, the rainbow together, or neon colors

Favorite Food: Uh, anything that's not spicy or has flavor to it basically. But I am very picky

Where Do I live?: I'm not going to tell you that B(

Occupation: I am proud to say I'm a registered nurse!!

Click ------> Me, even though I look like a train wreck and will never be beautiful :/

Life Story: Um well I was born many years ago in a hospital with a name.

My dream is to one day visit Japan where some of my ancestors came from!

If I ever have children I want 2 girls and 1 boy just so the hubby isn't completely surrounded by girls xD

Uh that's pretty much all I can think of. Want to know more just get to know me.