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fav sayn's an' creddo once i get 'round to it...poetic license,i can't spell

How can the single droplets of water know themselves to be a river<-Zen saying
There is nothing sweeter than a lady's invitation to her pillow<-Me
Confused an' amused..yup that me<-me stupi it obvious


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AiKandii Report | 01/26/2010 2:54 pm
hi crazy docter dude waddup did u get the invite from my other acc
TheVoiceOfCreation Report | 01/18/2010 4:14 pm
Well, as long as you're happy with your anger issues, I guess there's really no problem. I tend to be scary when I'm angry sometimes, too, and I know what you mean about seeing the fear in people's faces. Actually, that's the best part. I remember once, my cousin used to pick on me all the time as kids, and he was bigger than me so I usually lost, but one day he sat in my chair and I'd just had enough, so I yanked the chair out from under him and he fell right on his a**, and I went "THATS MY CHAIR". He was scrambling backwards on all fours when I lifted the chair up like I was gonna hit him. And from that day forward, he never picked on me again... especially since I beat him up side the head with the remote control a few hours after I rightfully took my chair back. XD I was like that as a kid, though. I'd get beaten down and beaten down until one day I just found something inside me that unleashed a wave of "back the ******** up off me or you're gonna get your head smashed in". Now a days I don't really get s**t often anymore. I tend to radiate with this certain energy just makes people think twice about getting on my bad side.

Something I don't understand is that even though I've developed into this huge b***h over the years, people still enjoy being around me. I can beat the crap out of people and push them away, and they still come back for more. I'm not sure if I just attract some durable people or if there's really something about me that's worth enduring my bitchiness for, but either way, it looks like I'm stuck with people. No matter what I do to push some of them away, they just don't budge, no matter how much I piss them off.

Ya know, I wonder if we might not wanna move this conversation to PM.
TheVoiceOfCreation Report | 01/16/2010 4:34 pm
Well, since you have patience you'll probably learn the anger-controlling skill rather quickly. It really just takes time. I actually used to have patience. But dealing with stupid people over the years has caused it to just.... evaporate, I guess. One morning I think I just woke up and said "******** patience. It makes life too slow." haha Yeah, I did enjoy Animaniacs and Tiny Toons. I don't so much watch TV much anymore, though, unless it's like a movie or something, even when I'm in the living room. I just don't like it so much anymore. I'd rather be online while I'm writing. My name has been changed a couple times. I started out as nevertobeokay and then I switched to xo Ashurii xo and now I am what I am. I'm thinking about changing it again, but I don't wanna pay the 10k to do so. lol

Ironically the text I have to type in to send this says "Brainy Months". I thought it was amusing.
TheVoiceOfCreation Report | 01/14/2010 8:44 pm
i can control my anger pretty well, but it took me a long time to learn that skill. i'm such an impatient person that i don't even have the patience to learn patience. that was quite some ramble you gave. I used to watch Pinky and the Brain all the time. I really miss that show! Yeah, my avi is ever changing, right up to the increments of time between each change. I get bored with it. Sometimes I get bored fast and sometimes I get bored really slowly. I have fun putting them together. I always save an outfit when I really like it and I never end up using the same outfit twice. Sometimes I may have a similar avi, but it has never been the same.
TheVoiceOfCreation Report | 01/11/2010 3:04 pm
yeah, i've given up on trying to fix idiocy. it's why i tend not to crit many n00bs anymore. i don't have the patience like some people do. i think those who have the patience are wonderful, but i was never made to be patient.
Lovers Never Tell Report | 01/06/2010 11:32 pm
I personally consider them seperate because they're many celts. For instance, the irish, british, and scotts all worshipped a different set of gods, but they're all Celts. Druids for the most part were Irish and they also incorperated Fae magic, which the other Celtic tribes didn't, or at least I haven't found anything saying they did.
TheVoiceOfCreation Report | 01/06/2010 4:55 pm
some n00b called me the poem police awhile back 'cause they couldn't take my blunt crit and i put it on there as a joke. now it's sort of become just another part of the siggy and another thing that people recognize me by. my siggy kinda stands out. XD
Lovers Never Tell Report | 01/05/2010 7:43 am
Ahhh.. that's interesting. My patron Goddess is Morrigan. lol. I started to read up on Celtic at first but I didn't find too much with it that I really cared for. The Druids were just as interesting and that got me into Fae.
Lovers Never Tell Report | 01/05/2010 7:17 am
At the moment I'm a Spiritualist, but only because I can't find anything reliable about the Egyptain sect. Yourself?
Lovers Never Tell Report | 01/03/2010 11:21 pm
Then you're in a really bad place... I'm as open as it gets. Even my licence plate says Pagan. Pfft trying times. There's even like 4 pagan shops within reasonable driving distance. My local sect had their Samhain festival on the news.

I'm doing well enough. You?


I count not well 1.....2......3.......4...... fahhk wat come next well i guess i really don't need-ta kno' i play bass so there is no existence after 4....jus' 1........2........3..........4........1 yay i did it i got-ta get back ta mi lady(my bass):annabel lee.......woot musical noises come out.................


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