xx lost hearts xx


Birthday: 02/16


Listen o-o yes?

Things xD

Helcho ^-^!! well i guess to start i is Madelynn ;3 but u can call me Maddy or Momo or watevarrr ;]]] (dont rlly lik Maddy i hate it rlly but watevar works for you >;]) most of da time im very lovable just dont get on mi bad side ;}}} ok ok ;DDDD im a very random person PIE <_< where>_> xDDD l0l nn sexual wen u get to kno >w> mi luvas mi or hate mi but u wanna fhuk mi song song it is a song ;x

i luvvvasss vampirez ;DD e.e n not cuz of twilight i has always loved vamps ^.^ pluuus ;o twilight is bout fairyyzz ;o (secret i lik twilight ;])
hmm >;OO annnnnd ;o i luvass to talk xDD n music and stuff owo

MUSIC: Three Days Grace ,Green Day,The Fray, oneRepublic, Paramore, Linkin Park, Lost Prophets,Nicki Minaj, YMCMB, New Boyz , Frank Sinatra,Dean Martin, Lewi Armstrong,Eminem, Treyz Songz, b.o.b,Chris Brown, RIP Slyme, Mariah Carey, Jason Derulo, Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Usher,Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, The Offspring,Big Sean, SoMo,The Notorious B.I.G.,Nevershoutnever,Staind,Katy Perry, Johnny Cash,Gorillaz,AC/DC,Disturbed, Elvis,Hollywood Undead,Pink,Slipnot,Wiz Khalifa,Tyga,Showtunes, Breathe Carolina, and imma stop typin now cx too lazy...
oo silly goose u need to get loose wen im uptight i drink apple juice o-o srry singin ;o

o.o i rlly think i could stop or it will go on 4evarrr xDDD luvaas chuuu <<333 (not rlly) anymore questions just ask dammit >;o byezzz u smexxi beast cc; rawRRRRR wdff do i even kno u probably not x]

Talk to me plz?

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ballastatuzX Report | 07/11/2014 10:39 pm
Ok lmao you enjoying your single summer?
Eier Von Schonheit Report | 07/11/2014 8:28 pm
Eier Von Schonheit
shadowcattss Report | 07/11/2014 10:48 am
-pokes your nose- mhmm
Eier Von Schonheit Report | 07/11/2014 9:06 am
Eier Von Schonheit
-looks at pro- mumbles: still not on there.. That whore
ballastatuzX Report | 07/11/2014 7:19 am
I was just joking with you lmao
I said how do you like your new home lmao
ballastatuzX Report | 07/11/2014 1:09 am
She has good movies huh jk lmao
Really how do you like your new home lol
Eier Von Schonheit Report | 07/10/2014 6:03 pm
Eier Von Schonheit
u butts - w-
Eier Von Schonheit Report | 07/10/2014 5:31 pm
Eier Von Schonheit
thank you baby ^^
Eier Von Schonheit Report | 07/10/2014 5:11 pm
Eier Von Schonheit
hi momo P:
Eier Von Schonheit Report | 07/10/2014 5:01 pm
Eier Von Schonheit
pssstt ninja

Sexy Beast

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Holeypaladin: And you start thinking of sexxMizore EX: -_- u havent finished puberty have u Xd

Jarrell :D

Pimpin Purple

*Shows off abbs* B]] cool kid... yeahhhh xD l0l >-> totally MARKER ;x Thunder Drop

Kk well Im almost home when I get there I need u 2 b naked have cuffs oil whip cream and a five hr energy. Dont ask XD

Not My b***h xP yet >.>

25 hos... smh

Dustii one of the best ppl evvarrrr ;o and now a ho >;3 i adore chu Bunny cx

Moe Jo Jo Jo

Stacking my funny lil hos ;3 ROME MY HO

xHorny French Friesx

Greg~~Big Black Lord
;D Weird but
awesome ;o

Friends irl

“Two things are infinite:
the universe and human stupidity;
and I'm not sure
about the universe.”

“I believe that everything
happens for a reason.
People change so that you can learn
to let go, things go wrong
so that you appreciate
them when they're right,
you believe lies so you eventually learn to
trust no one but yourself,
and sometimes good things
fall apart so better things can fall together.”

Sir Link

>;o Sammmmy

Fox Demon of sorts Ahri