Name: Rachel
Most people call me Rachie or Harley.
My DTPAY birthday is November 7th, 2007. (p. 15865)
I'm an avid gamer.
Ask for my Steam/PSN/Gamertag and MAYBE I'll give it to you.

-Andy. <3
-All kinds of music.
-Good art.

-People who chew with their mouths open.
-Chat speak/1337 speak.
-People who disrespect my friends.
-People who are dishonest.
-Random friend requests. (If we've actually had a convo then it's fine.)

Things I do in my spare time:
-Play video games.
-Listen to music.
-Other random crafts.

Random facts:
-I'm kinda tomboyish.
-I'm an audiophile.
-I'm a mother.
-I live in Texas.
-I've been on Gaia since Jan. 2005.

This is me.

smilies/icon_heart.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif

He brings color to my life and I love him with all of my heart. I do believe he is my soul mate.


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Enter The Well

Mostly rambling and maybe the occasional b***h rant



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Midnight Juniper

Report | 09/13/2014 7:33 pm

Midnight Juniper


Report | 09/12/2014 2:28 pm


emotion_kirakira whee

:: grabs a book of his own and snuggles up with her :: heart

Report | 09/12/2014 2:06 pm


...Oh? c; Might I join you, then? emotion_awesome

Report | 09/12/2014 1:43 pm


:: fans self :: Omai, Mistress. ;3
Digital Eden

Report | 09/11/2014 11:59 pm

Digital Eden

Wow, "when next month" sounded better in my head than it does in print~

When do you plan on visiting? Do you have a specific date in mind?
Early October? Mid October? Late October?
Digital Eden

Report | 09/11/2014 11:57 pm

Digital Eden

I'm recovering 8D ~

Ohhh, when next month?
Digital Eden

Report | 09/11/2014 10:50 pm

Digital Eden

...Surgery sweatdrop ~
Digital Eden

Report | 09/11/2014 10:42 pm

Digital Eden

I'm actually in Taiwan right now sweatdrop !

How are you <3 ?
Midnight Juniper

Report | 09/08/2014 10:12 am

Midnight Juniper

I'm sorry for the loss dear... emotion_hug
I hear you on the stressed out and hair pulling.. i've already had so many silver hairs. DX
-takes them to a hide out and snugs-
you know you can talk with me anytime about it all. <3
Midnight Juniper

Report | 09/08/2014 4:13 am

Midnight Juniper

Ily2 Boobers lol
You alright?


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