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❝ nothing in the world can get you down when you have a triple chocolate cornetto in one hand and the other is making rude/obscene gestures ❞

- Quotes from Xenotone

My real name is [DATA EXPUNGED] but you can call me Prawn or Xeno / Xenotone
Pansexual / demigirl / they/them / 17 / Canadian / pervert / literal gay trash
I'm in a relationship and uninterested in you and what you supposedly have to offer mmkay?
I'm on mobile most of the time so I'm sorry if I don't reply fast
I really like space, gore, cyberpunk stuff, dogs, art of my avatars, things that glow, and robots
I really don't like peanuts, jumpscares, country music, and item inflation
CB is where I call home

I make themes because I'm a masochistic b*****d, heres my commission page