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Vanna1994 Report | 03/24/2016 6:34 pm
Your welcome!! ^.^
Yes! I thought that'd be perfect for you!^.^
I'm a few billion from being able to afford it xp Just got one for around 3.3 bil! I think thats... 3 of the 5 Fragile Dreams items now!
You can use it whenever you want too ^.^

Vanna1994 Report | 03/24/2016 6:20 pm
No, that's me cleaning out my inventory lol
I had two of those. I don't know from where, maybe dumpster dive...
It's this! And it's a Fragile Dreams recolored item! whee
Vanna1994 Report | 03/22/2016 7:43 pm
I think I found the perfect hair for you! mrgreen
Beauty the disaster Report | 03/09/2016 6:12 am
Beauty the disaster
I have. How are you Xel?
Beauty the disaster Report | 02/23/2016 12:53 pm
Beauty the disaster
That sounds fun. About to go to a BBQ for my sister.

Mexico is hot. Lots of sun and wind and waves and sand. And geckos/iguanas
Beauty the disaster Report | 02/22/2016 3:03 pm
Beauty the disaster
Rawr! How are you? -nuzzles-
Beauty the disaster Report | 02/18/2016 7:52 pm
Beauty the disaster
That's what the kennel said as well. I made sure to have a little doggy suitcase with her toys and some treats my blanket, her bed, her special dog bowls (she won't use anything but plastic ones)
Beauty the disaster Report | 02/18/2016 5:59 pm
Beauty the disaster
I gave her my blakent to sleep with and her doggie couch... But she has never slept alone
Beauty the disaster Report | 02/18/2016 5:09 pm
Beauty the disaster
For now yea. I worry about her at night though >.>
Beauty the disaster Report | 02/18/2016 2:50 pm
Beauty the disaster
Well she has a halo >.> XD
Yes I'm still coughing
Kai is at a doggy daycare/hotel with webcam!
Yea I've not been rping much at all

This is Me

My name is Xelyn (pronounced Zay- Lin) and yes it's my real name.

I live with my Auntie and Uncle in WA, USA.

I only have one little sister but because I live with my cousin I call her a sister too so If you hear me talking about my "sisters" it's my sis and my cousin.

I am 21 years old (2014-2015) and my b-day is October 13th.

I am an artist, you can see some of my work on my DA.

I like some of the darker things in life (usualy my avatar gives that away) but I also like random, fun, spazy stuff.... I like the strange.

I Have black hair with a white patch in it (thats a scar, lost the pigmentation there) and I was born with one eye blue and the other green. Usualy I cover the blue one with my bangs though. I might be what you would consider androgynous but I don't like it when people mistake me for a girl, so there's a little warning.

I have no idea what my sexuality is, so let's not even go there. I'm confused enough as it is.

I suffer from depression and anxiety, so try not to let that get you down because I seriously worry all the time that my depression upsets my friends and that's the last thing I want. Be happy and I will be too... mostly.

My fav color is Silver, I also like black, red, gray and white. Honestly though, I just love color. All color.

I love MARVEL movies, Captain America is my idol, Loki is also one of my favorite characters. I am poor as piss though, so I can't afford to see any of the movies until after they come out on DVD, so no spoilers, please.

I love to RP and am constantly looking for something that will hold my interest. I don't like 1x1's as much though and usually avoid them, preferring group RP's in the forums.

Oh, and I could be considered strange and sometimes vulgar, so don't be alarmed at the Freak show!

Xelyn Craft

Received Artwork

A birthday gift from one of my best friends, Vanna1994's absolutely beautiful drawing of my OC, Hellena.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

An amazing freebie by diamond_fox08

Awesome Chibi art of my OC's Cain and Hellena drawn by the very tallented Layogenic of the AF!

Amazing art of my OC, Cain, By S0U.

My friend _xkimono-tarax_ drew her OC with mine.

One of my avatars, done by my friend _xkimono-tarax_

Couple avi art, drawn by _xkimono-tarax_ ^__^

My Character's Cain and Gabriel, who are brother's, drawn by my awesome friend Vanna1994

My Charicter from my manga (or me) Cain, that my friend XxZombi PuppetxX made for me. ^__^

A tribal Pheonix, drawn for me by one of my closest friends, KhaosFury.

And My OC, Cain, drawn by KhaosFury.

My friend Vanna1994 drew this awesome pic of Cain.

My avatar drawn by chijo-neechama in the AF.

A freeb done by ThePrincePhantom

A freebie drawn by meggie_san of my OC, Cain

Mieru Hochun drew my OC for free!

A freeb from Suicide Sketch

Avi art drawn by Murayamani

my firend missravenlee drew this for me. It's one of my avis.

One of my avis, drawn by The Dandy Lions.

Silentiris Drew one of my avis for me.

My OC, Cain, drawn by Nutty J o k e r Twit

avi art for me drawn by Pirate Shark Nao

OC art drawn by x-X-RyNNE-X-x

McShadeikins drew this avi for me

Freely_Changing_Spirit Made my OC for me.

just a faze dre my OC, Cain.

My OC, drawn by Sakirei Okihana.

Cain, drawn by

XxCherry-DevilxX drew Cain.

A drawing of My OC by LadyLucyLilium.

A chibi Cain, drawn by Ipo Fuzen.

CandyTheraphy drew Cain.

Karon-San's Drawing of My OC, Cain.

My OC, drawn by Naiomi-hime.

Cain, drawn by The Cryptic Gentleman.

I Am xoxSophiexox's drawing of My OC.

Gooium's drawing of Cain.

Cain, drawn by invalid korean.

One of my Avi's drawn by Junggun.

My friend H e l l P i l o t Drew one of my avis.

Ichitutu's drawing of my OC.

A very chibi drawing of Cain by Lily_Spiral.

Jenni Tsukiko's drawning of Cain.

Darkaznstargoddess drew my OC.

Cain, drawn by RoseDragonfire.

Sir Muley The Great's drawing of Cain.

Freebie by lolita lolliepop of my OC.

Hiicups drawing of Cain.

A freebie of Cain done by The Plain Notebook.

My OC, Cain, drawn by SapphireStars on MangaBullet.

My Avi drawn by lashings of ultraviolence.

a headshot freebie of my avi by seabears.

3 Freebies by Madly Unique.

Cain, drawn by Near-Face.

My avatar drawn by hollydefendr.

The Handshake drew my avi.

sakunia on Mangabullet drew my OC, Cain.

Sikuyi-chan Drew my OC.

Abvirtual Drew Cain.

N y a h C h i Drew My OC, Cain.

iThetis drew My OCs, Cain and Hellena toghether.

Pavii's drawing of Cain.

Dreamy_Lily_Flower Drew My OC, Hellena.

Dreamy_Lily_Flower Drew Hellena and Cain together.

Dreamy_Lily_Flower drew Cain.

Trinprilla on MangaBullet drew Hellena and Cain.

Moony117 drew Hellena

My avi drawn by 0-Azula-0's little 6 year old cousin!

st3p3n0r drew my avi.

My avi drawn by WassapBro.

Ivalice drew my avatar.

Sinfulcraft drew my avi.

NerdHart drew my avatar.

A headshot of my avi by Blueberry Pwaunch.

Hermaphaditty drew my avi.

Hardcore Uvula drew my avi.

Art of one of my Christmas avis by xLady Artzyx.

NotYourTypicalBlank drew one of my Christmas avis.

Eugeria drew on of my Christmas avis.

A drawing of my Christmas avatar as a box by iSports Fanatic.

Divinely Deviant's drawing of my Christmas avi.

Gooey on Mangabullet.com drew my OC, Cain.

Pandas in a sack drew my avi.

a freebie of my avi by II Sakutaro II.

Momma Kat drew my avi.

My avatar, as drawn by low maintenance.

derpity derp drew my avatar.

A drawing of my avatar by RADI0 Mouse.

FlameMistressKitten drew one of my dream avatars.

A drawing of my avi by Khristallyn.

A freeb of my avi by shinigami ryukie.

Sonpi-Chan drew my avi.

a freebie of my avi by dark etoile6.

a drawing of my avi by II Ich hasse dich II.

Rainbow Shiit made a picture of my avi!

iUzu drew my avi.

a Freebie by FlipMaester.

KrysZombie drew my avi.

an awesome drawing of my avi by Hemsut!

My friend kal94 drew my avi for me!

--Beckys Nightmare-- drew my avi.

My avi, drawn by Plein De Bisous.

a freeb by Kouroxful.

chaimes drew my avi.

A freebie that Project Kai made for me of my avi.

is named goodbye drew my avi.

A freebie of my avi by xXManic_DepressionXx.

My avi drawn by Edgecrusher Asakuun.

Hinani Chan's drawing of my avatar.

Zoo-LaBell drew my OC Cain.

My avatar running away from [NPC]Carl, drawn by Abbacus.

My OC, Cain, drawy by Cree -anon- for a 100 day art event.

My Avatar drawn by AltairofAquila from the AF forums.

A freebie of my avi drawn by StarryAri

One of my avatars drawn by Huggah in the AF.

My avatar drawn by iEverNeon from the AF.

Avi art drawn by Huong Le from the AF.

Prince Hi-chan's drawing of my summer event avatar.