"I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions"
My name is Katrina Love, pleased to meetcha!
Call me Katty! Everyone does!
I am 25 and 5"1. I'm not the tallest girl in the world being ,
but I guess I like being a small, petite person in a big world.
I'm a brunette, fragile with porcelain skin, and green eyes.
I'm a bubbly, hyper girl that enjoys the small things in life.
I'm creative, and I live for my imagination and my creativity.
I need to write, draw, or design to feel alive.
heart Stuffles I adore. heart
American Horror Story.
True Blood.
Evil Dead and Army of Darkness.
Alice in Wonderland.
emotion_bigheart Cheshire Cat. emotion_bigheart
The colors Purple and pink.
Neon colors.
Adventure Time.
Art. Drawing. Sketching. Designing. Painting.
Comic Books.
Harley Quinn.
Tank Girl
Sailor Moon.
Far Escape.
1930's -1950's movies, actors, and actresses.
Darkwing Duck.
Disney movies.
Saints Row 4.
Metal Gear Solid
Re/animator. emotion_bigheart
Alice Cooper. Motley Crue. Nirvana. Hole. Oomph! Rammstein.