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Wachuu Doin' Here?



Dear, Innocence

Is the easiest way to do everything, accept anything.
No one to blame but yourself, no one to criticize but you.
You don't have to wonder what went wrong or why you're not happy.
Every question you have can be answered.
Every motive you have can be pursued.

But you're not always happy, not always content.
Not always yourself, or in a position to act as oneself.
You seek, commit and give yourself to be yourself.
Not realizing how easy it is to give up and be happy.
You were taught that giving up is weak, and deserves shame.
That to live is to have a word and make it a name.
To succeed and success it as if it were a game.

To that effect, everyone will be the same.
Doing "their best" I watch as people pick and choose.
All the while preaching about how they will lose.
The unseen uproar from the lesser world.
How many emotions made into words twirled.
Gaping hearts as true intentions unfurled.
Looking back as old testaments are hurled.

Defense is the best offense.
Sitting back and flaunting with innocence.
Watching the thirsty beasts throw themselves into the silent attack.
The defeated lay dead as the bodies stack.
A woman's appeal made you drop your guard.
Later on you will ask yourself why you tried so hard.

Because of you...
The mirror's pierce is fierce as you see the true enemy.
Influences haunt you and resurface pletely.
What people told you ring true only if you accept it.
And you're nothing to them lest you forget it.

What else is there you ask?
Nothing, you are what you make of yourself.
And you're the only one who has to deal with the guilt.
If you can live with it... life just got easier for you... but if you cannot.
The adventure awaits...

You will be stronger. But you never had to be, just find out what you really want, and be yourself...

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kit kitsune-kun