Birthday: 01/13


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    Used to be ---> Dittles de-faerie
    I'm a girl if you're confused..... LOLOLOLOL
    I sometimes have a guy avi. Why? Because I look smexy. xDD
    I'm either quitting or going away for a very very very long time. :3

    I spent most of my time on this site mainly on zomg.
    I met some awesome & not so awesome peeps.
    Of course anything dealing/ interacting with another person...is complicating. c:
    But the connections we form with each other is what makes anything fun & memorable.
    I guess that was my reason to go on. xD
    To see some of you guys again.

    I wish you guys the best, take care of yourselves.
    Be happy be healthy 8D <--- cheerios commercials D:
    I'm not weird I swear... //lying ene; -coughs-
    I want to thank everyone for being a part of what I had here.
    I'm grateful to have met some of you.
    Thank you for being my friend. ouo/
    For the ones that left and the ones that stayed.
    I'll treasure the moments of what was spent. <3


I'm not interesting you creepy weirdos >8C


"Be here for me"


Alts... most of them.
But not all of them. D8<

I like to take care of them.
My precious. <3


"I'm going to need you too"