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Birthday: 11/10


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    Used to be ---> Dittles de-faerie
    I cross dress sometimes, I'm a girl if you're confused..... LOLOLOLOL!!
    Either quitting or hiatus. Simple as that! x3

    I spent most of my time on this site mainly on zomg.
    Some peeps I got to know really well and some I wish I didn't LMAO.
    Unfortunately, I don't draw anymore... just problems.

    I wish you guys the best, take care of yourselves.
    Be happy be healthy 8D <--- cheerios commercials D:
    I'm not weird I swear... //lying ene; -coughs-
    I want to thank everyone for being a part of what I had here.
    I'm grateful to have met some of you.
    You know who you are....if you don't -shakes fists angrily- >;0
    Thank you for being my friend. ouo/
    For the ones that left and the ones that stayed.
    I'll treasure the moments of what was spent.



    "Never regret anything, because at one time, it was exactly what you wanted."