Birthday: 01/13


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    Used to be ---> Dittles de-faerie
    I'm a girl if you're confused..... LOLOLOLOL
    Either quitting or hiatus. Simple as that! x3

    I spent most of my time on this site mainly on zomg.
    Some peeps I got to know really well and some I wish I didn't LMAO.

    I wish you guys the best, take care of yourselves.
    Be happy be healthy 8D <--- cheerios commercials D:
    I'm not weird I swear... //lying ene; -coughs-
    I want to thank everyone for being a part of what I had here.
    I'm grateful to have met some of you.
    You know who you are....if you don't -shakes fists angrily- >;0
    Thank you for being my friend. ouo/
    For the ones that left and the ones that stayed.
    I'll treasure the moments of what was spent.

    12/15/14 it's official

    "Never regret anything, because at one time, it was exactly what you wanted."