Birthday: 01/13


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    Hiya stalker, you guessed right I changed name.
    Used to be ---> Dittles de-faerie
    I'm a girl if you're confused..... LOLOLOLOL

    Currently trapped in college trying to get my Bachelor degree. xD
    I am a rather introverted person. But I can be a spazz too. eue;
    I like to fool around and tend to have a corny sense of humor.
    I tend to leave conversations hanging... //forgetful
    As often or not, I'm quite misunderstood.
    Forgive me ahead of time for any inflicted offense. uvu
    I don't log on as often. I'm and old Zomg-er perhaps you found me there.
    Unfortunately, I don't play anymore besides once in a while to help out for LOLs.
    I think I'm going to quit or go on a long hiatus. xD
    I moved towards Fiesta, lvling an SS and capping my HK.
    I want to thank you everyone for being a part of what I had here.
    I'm grateful to have met some of you.
    Thank you for being my friend. ouo/
    For the ones that left and the ones that stayed.
    I'll treasure the moments of what was spent. <3


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I'm afraid to take the first step....

....watch me fall.


Alts... most of them.
But not all of them. D8<

I like Rainy Day... A LOT!
And I like to hide.
Give me my space...
or I'll make my own.