nicknames-chrissa,rissa,claire,panda chan, nekiko, kitty(usually goes by neko on gaia)
age:19(yes i am 19 i know i look alot longer than i am lol)
hair color: black

its my avi it looks so pretty and amazing!!! this was drawn by xXcupcakesxX ^....^

-mysterious/dark/emotionless(to those i dont know)
-shy/quiet(mostly in school)

things i love ^^
-jrock(yep best music ever!)
-swords(i have 2)
-ice cream
-anything chocolate ^^
-making new friends ^^
-drawing(mostly anime)
-funny, nice,cool ppl
-asian ppl
-kimonos(so pretty)
-video games(RPG's)
-japan(place i wanna go and maybe live)
-pocky!!!!!(pocky addict XD)
-being random!
-visual kei
-lolita style
-oshare kei
-harajuku fasion
-reita(wanan be just like him)
-cure magazine
-bous hair
-gloomy bear
-toki doki
-writtign fanfiction
-reading yaoi
-dressing up
-taking photos
-cherry blossoms
-my melody
-hangry & angry

things i dislike
-racist ppl
-mean ppl,stuck up ppl jerks, ppl that think there all that or cool
-annoying ppl
-sour things
-gym class
-alot of people
-people that call me wapanese which was only one person but still that is the most retarded label ever -.-
-animal cruelty
-ppl that pretend to be nice to you and then are mean to you and so on
-ppl that start drama..
-friends that ditch you all the time for there bf or gf
-being single -.-
-living here
-stupid boys
- and my many other things i cant think of =D

pets on gaia
momo-momo chan
snow yeti-kyo
kiki kitty-reita
coco kitty-haseo
kaya cat-kai
pora ice-sasuke
angelic imp-marshmallow

gazette is the best band ever!

i love them!

i am a dot hack fan =D

bands i love ^^

reita kun my idol

waka chan my other idol

takeru =) his style is very unique

teru my other idol ^^

misery i love him

amazing ppl i love ^^
bou kun miss u


my twin asagi


i love L

omigosh pocky o.o


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Hey cute avi : ]

If I didn't suck so much I'd draw you
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lol lol lol
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cuz of the uhh..poop in the air
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oh lol.
katana lol
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what items lol
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you know why you logged on?
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still hanging on to that katana? gonk
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cuz of the poop in the air smile