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Birthday: 05/21

What I'm wearing...clothes..O;


Katie Bear's :'D

It's Katie! O;

So obviously, I'm Katie...
-I'm single.
-Want to know my age?...Too bad creeper. >.>
-I bet you would also like to know where I live, too. Wouldn't you, creeper?
-I'm not pretty and I know it. (pic is kind of in the middle to the left for proof.)
-I love green and black <3
-I'm friendly with everyone, unless you give me a reason not to be.
-I hate drama, and yet always find myself in it.
-I stand up for my friends, so don't mess with them.
-My maturity level depends on who I'm with, although I am responsible.
-I'm a bit of a nerd.
-Even though I shouldn't, I care what people think, even though I don't act like it.
-I hate stereotypes.
-I don't judge people.
-I expect not to be judged unless I give someone a reason to judge me.
-It's hard for me to admit that I'm wrong. Which I'm never wrong. XD jk :3
-I love texting, it's my addiction.
-I like different music, it just depends on the song.
-I love the New Orleans Saints. (I'm not a bandwagon fan that's only a fan because they won the Superbowl. Those people bother me.)
-I'm becoming a little less shy.. >.<;;

And that's about it. Any questions? PM me...Bye.(:

Comment me?O;

Talk to me? ;]

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That's what I said..

My lovely stalkers(:


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