I am not a decent girl with a life, but I am one who has many memories...I guess its time I reveal myself from my own shadows...not just to the world...but to my Gaia home.

People think I'm not a normal child...its okay that I'm not, I know I am, because I don't think they can get away with it. my friend Karma get their asses back with something she loves. <3 Then, people think that me being Mexican means a "oh okay" type, and guess what? Shut your ******** mouth up, because I live my life being a lame a** gamer, stuck in a hell hole of my 2 siblings, that don't even ******** know how to be quiet, and sit their raging asses down, when I say so, plus my two damn parents are mainly a pile of stress that's in me, and I'm here trying to help my own ******** self out....what self? Me, the me-me that I think no one knew....

No one in this place of Gaia knows my real name, except one...too bad she rarely gets on...I miss my Erin <3 because she made my whole life turn in October 2010. I thank her, but oh ******** well. It doesn't matter because I'm 16. What? Surprised? Meh, its a usual. I really can ******** care less, because I sure damn know pretty much of Gaia times in the past...but yeah, lets get on with my ******** presence?

I'm short, and you better know its s**t, because its not really. <3 being 5 feet is okay for me, and YES I can still go on scary-a** rides for those cunts that think I might s**t a poptart in my pants. I've been a horror, bloody addict since I was 3. My first gore movie? Can't name, cause its been 11 SHITTY YEARS AND I DON'T KNOW DAMNIT...Seriously idk. ;-; Oh, and I have a huge love for music, especially ones that's so beauty....and duhh rock/heavy gore metal. I also tend to hear Monstercat, and Pegboard Nerds. Those are the bae'sss <3. But yeah, I think that's it...

Oh and also, I'm Bisexual, bipolar, aka ambivalent for those smart a** people with a damn s**t high SAT score in reading and language...hmm.....I love being a proud supporter for Daddy's Darlings (If you don't know them, then ******** off and kiss a slut please <3) and I also have a religion. Im Catholic, but I prefer not to believe a god, because (I HOPE I DONT OFFEND ANYONE PLEASE) there are so many religions, and they believe in to ******** many gods, and empires, and leaders, and that. Too much to know...damn....but finally, my real name.

I have been using Alane for my past 5 years....because she's my ghost. she's my buddy I use to talk to. Whenever I see her name, I'm not there-she is!!! Because she's taking care of my life whenever she's playing. I play for her, and she talks. Whatever she says, I do. She wants me to make something happen, I make it. See??? She's my only friend that can understand my own life until infinity and beyond my babe <3 Oh, and she wanted to confess my real name.......well, almost 5 years here, lets face it, I won't tell....because my name is Yoaly, and ehh, its hard to pronounce, ******** it.

This, is a good
man...I love
him with all of
my heart, and if
it wasn't for him
talking to me...
yeah...thanks man
and your a great
friend. <3

He's a well known,
f*****t, and yes, he's a
stupidone, and it's okay,
because he kno he a sexy
mofo <3