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Freak on a Leash


Matt Morgan

Name: Matthew Blake Morgan
Nicknames: Matt, Blake
Age: 36
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Iris: Crystal Blue
Blood Type: O+
Virus: G-Virus
Race: Caucasian
Matt is an, all and all, an angry and bitter person as result of a broken heart at the loss of his wife and children. He has a short temper and often reminds people of things they'd rather forget, leading to the idea that he holds grudges over long periods of time. Matt is quite competitive and would willingly accept any challenge.
However, he also demonstrates considerable loyalty to family and friends and protectiveness of his loved ones. Matt has a lovable and clownish side of himself, a side that is rare from him since his loss. His half sister, Alex, and their genetically altered friend, Jamie, have been the only two to make him feel comfortable enough to show this side.
Backstory: Coming Soon.

Jamie Lee

Name: Jamie Lee
Nicknames: Kid
Age: 23
Hair: Black
Iris: Blue
Blood Type: O+
Virus: C-Virus
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Jamie is has been compared to a golden retriever; loyal, and obsessively following his friends. Jamie is athletic and very friendly to those he likes, but is also stubborn and competitive. He tends to be timid around strangers and dense on sensing other people's subtle hints.
Not knowing much about his past life, he has developed an attachment with Alex and Matt Morgan, seeing them as his closest family.
Backstory: Coming Soon.


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The Runt Of The Pack Report | 01/23/2014 2:55 pm
The Runt Of The Pack
After resisting to flip-off the familiar blonde, Ellie stood in silence as she stared down the unrecognizable man for a moment. After it seemed like forever, the teen finally cleared her throat before taking on a more defensive stance. "Oh, I'm sorry..." She began with a fake-cheery smile, "I was under the impression of annoying people, not trying to get lured out by a ******** *****." It was her turn to cross her arms, "In other words: ********. That. I do not feel like getting raped today."

The Runt Of The Pack Report | 01/22/2014 4:18 am
The Runt Of The Pack
"Hey, Alex with a half-p***s."
That HXC Gamer Chick Report | 01/13/2014 4:12 pm
That HXC Gamer Chick
Eyyyyyyyyy, how you doing? ccccc; xD
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