Feel free to refer to me as Xander, Xan, or Galley
(from alternate username, Galley Trot)

It is my goal to always, 100% of the time, be honest, decent, and forthright.
If you ask me any question, I will answer with truth, or not at all.

I do not go out of my way to make friends or maintain friendships.
My people skills are poor; I don't know how to handle you.

I sure do love talking about myself.
Seriously. Don't get me started.

- Single
- Mid 20s
- Transmasculine
- Some Graphic Design EXP
- Full-Time Hydrographics Finesser
- Southern Ontario, Canada
- Apatheism, Equality, Scientific Fact

Some examples of my work:

Mediocre illustration and photography
can be found at FurAffinity.
Don't judge me my choice in clientele, please.
A paying customer is a paying customer.
My deviantArt is empty, and hopeful for a time
when I might see my motivation return.


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You're welcome and actually I meant the Furaffinity account, in fact XD I opened both at the same time and didn't pay much attention to the site, only to the art ^_^

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Wow, I looked into your Deviantart account and your art is awesome!

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That last sentence was a gem, quality literature at its finest lol
That moment when you come across a great story that's horribly written emo

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Well just because it's common doesn't mean there can't be a struggle. By the start of Aisle 10, Craig has no idea who Tweek is because the Tweaks moved around a lot. So everyone was remembering certain important things but him, all because of his crappy memory. In my fanfic, Kenny continues to deny Butters any affection in their physical relationship, which leaves poor ol' butters being torn up inside. Kyle acts like a total brat, much to Stan's dismay, and this causes him a crapload of stress. Craig has no interest in Tweek, but Tweek's totally obsessed with him. Obsessed to the point where he defected from the group because the feelings he felt for Craig was too much pressure. See, just because it's the same pairings doesn't mean there's no different struggle. What you do with a pairing is all up to you

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Oh lord, then you wouldn't like me lol
I don't think Stolovan is mainstream, though
Idk, mainstream pairings give me hope because they're more likely than crack pairings

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Style? Bunny?
Also, i'm sure reading Aisle 10 by Qindarka wouldn't bore you. Not at all.

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I'm actually more of a Creek supporter. If I ship Clyde, it's in Tyde or Clybe
Or occasionally Stolovan

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Maybe I'm dead.

Report | 10/06/2013 4:39 pm


I guess that's true. I mean there's no way I would know who's dead and who's not, right? ...Right?

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"I'm ready to start the Conquest of Spaces,
Reaching the starlight, and silver fields.
Come with the night; the science of fighting
The forces of gravity."