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Regular RP characters that I favour can be found here although I won't post them up until I have pictures for them.

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Sariyanna Report | 06/25/2015 3:38 pm
I can totally imagine you waiting that long. xD

I'm going to toss something together now.
Sariyanna Report | 06/22/2015 11:04 am
Yeah. It's just, ugh...when I do get days off there's just too many characters that need to be posted for. And sometimes I straight up don't feel like writing at all. But, it's only a vague profile so I should be able to get her done, if I just not allow myself to be yanked away to do something else.
Sariyanna Report | 06/20/2015 7:16 pm
I didn't forget the 1x1. xD I meant to make her profile yesterday, or at least start it...but I went to bed because I burned through my freetime writing something else. And I had to get up for work. My replies got backed up so I tried to answer some of them...thinking I'd get to the profile afterwards.
Sariyanna Report | 06/03/2015 3:55 am
I'll bet. x3

Indeed she probably is. I guess her style may have always been sexy anyhow, so doing it for 'business reasons' isn't really any different to her. Though I can imagine that some photoshoots might actually push her boundaries.

I think my girl is or was probably a guy chaser. But I sort of doubt she's had any decent relationships; I think she may have had that puppydog love in highschool and guys who didn't value her that much afterwards. Now that she's famous she may be blowing people off all the time thinking her fame is what's bringing them to her doorstep lol. So she hasn't really had any true deep romances in her life.

I'll make a profile for her. Might not be too detailed depending on what I actually manage to come up with. Are we doing this in pm or thread 'cause you know me. xD I love my threads.
Sariyanna Report | 05/27/2015 8:06 pm
Nice. At least you manage to find some interesting pictures. C:
I found her. I like her. I think she sort of looks like a rockstar and like she would be into the 'wilder' side of life.

Haven't thought of much for her so far. Except that she may be a careless party animal and lives for the rush she gets whenever they perform for their fans. She's a social butterfly and loves posing for pictures and autographs. I think her decision to try her luck as a rockstar was a decision her parents didn't support. They probably wanted her to be something else, like a doctor or a school teacher.

I'm not sure if she's been attracted to a female before. She could have believed herself to be straight and that is why she never quite thought one of her bandmates could like her, or maybe she was bisexual and had dappled in same sex relationships but nothing too serious. Got to think about it.
Sariyanna Report | 05/25/2015 4:51 pm
Okie dokie 3nodding I shall search too.
Sariyanna Report | 05/25/2015 4:41 pm
Mmm yeah. I suppose it could. However, with storylines like that I try to limit the drama a bit because I don't want to make it feel too much like a Shakespeare Tragedy play lol. xD Mmm maybe I'll flip a coin or something, or we can try one idea out and if we get bored or tired of it we can try out another idea. So perhaps think up a bit of info about one storyline and then see if we like it enough to go forward with the character creation and such. What do you think?

Oh....mmm edgy is kind of like 'cool.' I kind of interpret it as a character who takes risks or lives a risky lifestyle. I've played quite a few 'bad boys', but not too many 'bad girls.' My own version that is. I'd like to think my characters aren't too stereotypical. My imagination is too broad for that.

Mmm do you want to do the rockstar one then? And if it it gets to be too much we can switch? Took a bit of time to answer, my bad, I've been sort of tired. C:
Sariyanna Report | 05/17/2015 5:23 pm
Yup lately, that is what I've noticed. I want to play a womanly looking character and all I find is delicate, baby faced characters who won't even look the age I give them lol.

Well, I'm trying to think what would I be able to generate the most ideas from.
I never get to play famous characters so the rockstar one is definitively looking appealing... and I could make my character edgy. >.> It's a character type I haven't been able to try out yet when it comes to females; I've played plenty of edgy males. Then the family woman character seems nice, the young child idea is super cute and I could create some lovely ideas with that one. The rich and poor one sort of feels like sxm obviously and I've done alot of that so....maybe that one is out. Maybe we should choose between the rockstar scenario and the family scenario. Shoot the lesbian twist on the married woman x single friend story makes it even funner. Gosh, which one shall I choose, which one shall I choose? Dx

Let's see, with the rockstars we could make them play concerts, tour, go to events and sign things. All that fun stuff. Then you got the nosy paparazzi and fans freaking out when they spot them out in public. All that mayhem. Pair that with the drama that they may be going through with their families and it feels like there's plenty of material to use. They could also go on super expensive vacations and whatnot. Music awards....So much..

But with the married woman x friend I feel that even though the story is 'softer,' because it's casual everyday life, I think there's still plenty to do with them too. They can run errands, go to events at the married woman's child's school. Just have parties at the house with friends and there could be arguments between the married woman and her spouse. Also some one could get sick and all that lovely stuff. There seems to be plenty for that too.

What do you think? What excites you more?
Sariyanna Report | 05/14/2015 11:22 am
Lol, yeah. I play men alot so I typically end up looking for male pics. And for some reason I find more pics of men that I fall in love with than female pics. I think it's because female pictures often show females who look sort of 'young' and I like mature looking characters to an extent, esp. if I'm playing someone whose older.

Mmm let's see. I sort of feel like it's too much work trying to plot all of them at once...

Hmm....Umm....Not sure which once I'm leaning toward though.
I guess the first two I'd come up with more ideas for. The last one, that plot was all I thought of. Oh, the starving on the street idea could work too.
Sariyanna Report | 05/12/2015 1:32 pm
I have the same problem, it often feels like they don't have any ideas they want to share with me. I do get people who do have ideas but I feel I get more people who don't have any ideas. -.-'

I think they would all be interesting to play as a yuri pairing. I just got to see what kind of character I will play. I don't have much luck finding pics of females that I like.
Mmm soo...how shall we do this? I'm wondering if we should pick a pairing and plot or plot all three of them and see which one sounds the most interesting to go with.


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