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Regular RP characters that I favour can be found here although I won't post them up until I have pictures for them.

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FaeAzura Report | 03/02/2015 1:14 pm
I don't know..I was skimming through a few random threads seeing if there was anything that caught my fancy but I think you're right..it's a lack of quality..Some of them just aren't as good as the ones we used to do or just aren't very original.

Yeah law office..look at me with a big girl job!! lol
FaeAzura Report | 03/02/2015 11:54 am
I was doing that today! Lol

I'm sitting at work scrolling through some of them like...OMG...i miss this! I had so much fun!

I kept laughing at some of my old posts and one of the attorneys walks out of his office like what is so funny out here? I'm like nothing go away go do lawyer stuff!
FaeAzura Report | 03/02/2015 11:37 am
Of course I did! you know how it goes, life gets crazy and you lose track of everything else.

FaeAzura Report | 03/02/2015 11:13 am
I've been good. Miss me?
How are you pumpkin?
FaeAzura Report | 03/02/2015 11:05 am
Hello darling!! heart
EucalyptusCoral Report | 01/20/2015 11:43 am
Thank you!
Aries Fire Demon Report | 12/14/2014 11:38 am
Aries Fire Demon
Hm I feel left out lol aw

I am a dreamer Fantasy is better then Real life

I kinda roll play in my head some times
Aries Fire Demon Report | 12/13/2014 6:17 pm
Aries Fire Demon
I'm still new to RP i've never really done an RP with someone Seems like fun tho
Aries Fire Demon Report | 12/13/2014 2:57 pm
Aries Fire Demon
I'm Very random and just wanted to be friends. redface
Aries Fire Demon Report | 12/13/2014 2:42 pm
Aries Fire Demon
Hi smile


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