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x_LolliPop_Gravity_x Defying all logic is what i do best ^_+


Last Login: 09/19/2014 12:26 pm

Registered: 06/30/2005

Gender: Female

Location: Victoria Texas

Birthday: 10/31

Occupation: Dream Crusher

You Like?I Like Them Too ;)


Statuswith my baby daddy still waiting for ms.right to come along </3
Occupation:Artist and Mother
Likes:Anime,video games,the outdoors,football,music,and just enjoying life.
Dislikes:Drama,liars,cheaters,haters,and bees o.o i freakin hate bees! >.<

Im not too good about talking about myself so heres what i got.
Ima pretty easy going person who enjoys drawing art for my art shop and selling some of my art to local shops in my home town.I have a 5yr old son that is my world.hes also my little gaming prodigy.he learned to play guitar hero when he was 2 and plays puzzles games like crush 3d on the 3ds like a pro.
I do like to rp but im not hard core with the info.if you want to rp with me just know that i only rp with females never any men so dont ask.I have two rpc's and my avi will change depending on who I am rping as.if you have any questions about my rpc's just ask.
im also a good friend.i have two ears for good listening and a kind heart so im always honest even if i have to be brutal about it.i dont like liars and i WILL stop talking to someone if they lie or hurt me in anyways.i have major trust issues so dont expect me to trust you right must be earned.and love in a special word to me,i dont like to throw it if you say you love me and i dont say it back its not because i dont like you its just because i dont think its time to say it.
oh!i also love corny stuff like crappy made movies and cheesy pick up lines lol
like "hey baby did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" lol xD those things always crack me up.I also have a simple yet dark humor.i can laugh easy at simple stupid things but i also find death and blood to be humorous lol
i love meeting and making new friends so if you want to get to know me more just pm me ^_^

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