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My name is Michael and I live in a small town in Indiana. I am almost 21 years old and I really enjoy working and playing videos games. I have an amazing girlfriend who I can't wait to visit, hopefully soon. Distance is between us so we don't get to see each other. I have a PS4, PS3, 3DS and I use to own a Xbox 360, but I probably won't get one until I get un-backlogged on games. I really enjoy reading and writing though because I work so much I haven't done much of either. I like to watch anime and am open for suggestions! I live with 2 roommates, one being my best friend who is like a brother to me. I have a lot of Steam games that I enjoy playing and lately I have been playing a ton of Destiny. I am apart of a clan and at times I even live stream it! PM me is you are ever interested in joining up or watching my Twitch. I am really into Kingdom Hearts and Pokémon and a bunch of other stuff. If you ever want to talk just send me a message, I am really easy going!

((I love you, Michael))


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DehHiddenAngel Report | 09/14/2015 11:30 pm
It's a little dusty here in the comments section emotion_bigheart

Natsuki17602 Report | 10/17/2012 2:46 pm
blaugh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! xd
Madame Doll Report | 12/17/2011 4:33 pm
Madame Doll
XD I just realized that all the avi's that have commented on your profile are female. I'm working on the cosmic meaning of this now, until then be warned!
Madame Doll Report | 12/17/2011 4:31 pm
Madame Doll
AWESOME profile.
and your know your music choices are awesome if i'm actually willing to go and download the songs (or if i already have them XD)

you have earned DOLL's seal of AWESOMENESS
DehHiddenAngel Report | 12/04/2011 12:05 pm
That's good ^_^
What's up? xD lol
-even though I'm texting you and know already-
DehHiddenAngel Report | 12/04/2011 12:06 am
Hey! emotion_kirakira
Just doing what I said I would
^_^ emotion_yatta
it's 2am and you shall be sleeping
I'm bored and watching Poker o.O
Lol xD yum_puddi
Hope your sleeping well! emotion_c8
<333 emotion_bigheart

Now comment back! xD lol
DehHiddenAngel Report | 10/23/2011 12:29 pm
-is bored and commenting on your profile- emotion_c8

Natsuki17602 Report | 10/17/2011 2:48 pm
blaugh HAPPY B-DAY xd
C e r o N i h i l Report | 10/17/2011 1:49 pm
C e r o N i h i l
Happy birthday heart
Candy Coated Killer Report | 10/03/2011 7:24 pm
Candy Coated Killer
You with the face!!! >: O I'm mad at you~!!!

lol I bet you don't know who I am, do you? I'm Gina's sister. I was kidding about being mad at you, of course. But you're really turning her around O: And I've only just found out about you today when she told me. I was all like "Damn, that was fast." Anyway, if you guys end up together and all that shiz, don't hurt her, okay? If you do, I'm not gonna be a happy camper. Just saying. Kay, bai~