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Note: My profile is under construction! wahmbulance
Queer and nonbinary. 💀💀💀
I'm never good at these "about me" things. I don't enjoy trying to sum myself up. Especially not on résumés... thank god this isn't a résumé! I do like creating lists, however... So here, have a list that is relevant to me:

x Axolotl(s?) are the best.
x I can be very surreal and hypothetical and what-iffy, sometimes to a fault. Should I bother getting this cheeseburger, even if an eagle could swoop down and pick it off my plate?
x While I don't put faith in astrology, I do have a mane, although I like to tie it back sometimes. My hair generally refuses to conform to my will; thus, I occasionally have Inappropriately Timed 70's Hair Days
x I write.
x Punaholics Punonymous will never take me aliiiiiiiive!
x I don't take anyone's s**t.



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Last Login: 09/25/2017 11:39 am

Registered: 12/28/2006

Gender: Male

Birthday: 08/21


Hello! Welcome to my store!
Any buys are greatly appreciated!

I always try to list my items for cheaper prices. I do this not only so I get the gold quicker (I'm impatient!), but because I think it pleases bargain hunters. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me. We could maybe, just maaaaybe works something out. wink Thank you for looking at my store~!


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shruikan Report | 08/15/2017 12:48 pm
It's in the Cash Shop right now, it's a user item called Queenslowpoke Onesie!
there's a secret pose too if you lift your arm and its Shaymin 8D
siskataya Report | 05/23/2017 4:21 pm
Awww, what kind words - thank you! It's good to be back. And I am working on some community ideas that I hope will be fun smile
Castiel Lover Report | 05/01/2017 8:20 pm
Castiel Lover
I don't think we need to bother Lanzer. They'll read it tomorrow at ATA and if they want to do something about it, they'll respond. We'll just have to see how it goes.
Castiel Lover Report | 04/30/2017 10:48 pm
Castiel Lover
I'm sure a few people will post about it, but I don't think they'll answer. neutral
Castiel Lover Report | 04/30/2017 9:52 pm
Castiel Lover
I wish. I've been posting and hoping staff will take pity and make it easier. I've opened thousands, too. Already had a bunch, so I'm at 474 and have 2 sets of all the other wings already. lol They're not going to be worth anything =_= Gaia doesn't know how to balance anything, it seems.
Castiel Lover Report | 04/29/2017 4:12 pm
Castiel Lover
Hello heart How are you? I'm just mindlessly opening caches over here. emotion_zombie
symbioticatalyst Report | 04/11/2017 7:29 pm
Awww thanks! I'm acclimating back into Gaia well, wouldn't you say? xD Thanks to your strategic coaching and advising, not to mention generous donations. ;D
Kitt3h Kat Report | 03/30/2017 9:04 am
Kitt3h Kat
Thank you. >.< This isn't my best work so I really appreciate it. XD
Huxian Report | 03/28/2017 2:40 pm
Thank you for your purchase! User Image
Kitt3h Kat Report | 03/18/2017 9:29 am
Kitt3h Kat