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Thee names Faith cx

Instagram: Faith_alyssaa
i follow back c';

Keep scrolling for mah face c';

& if you think im fake I could care less Lmfao c';
I dont got time for the bs.

Im 15 . cx about to be 16.

I like all kinds of music.
Except country songs. o.e their songs just annoy me. lmao

&& If you get butthurt easily then niggaa bye cx
cause i aint gonna be all niccee >;o
lol jk im tryna be nicer k.

But i dont act my age sometimes. v_v

Im single.

Dont jugde a book by its cover

Thats all u need to know k. ?
k Bye, Cx

We Hawt c';

Yes, You Do Belong There..