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Hello Stalker here! If you don't already know my real name then you probably don't need to ;p Anyway, I'm 18, female and GAY. You gotta problem with that? Too bad! I've got the awesomest girl, with a kind smile and a wild sex drive. (Jealous? >,<)

I am Christian and proud of it. Jesus is the one and true king of Earth, and God the king of the universe. I'm also Irish and proud of that too! (Kiss me, I'm Irish ;p )

I hate the haters. Haters are evil. Haters can take my big gay Irish and god-loving a** and kiss it. I will NOT get into a political or religious debate. I believe that those will someday destroy the world.

I am against ALL war. I'm even against petty fights. I don't like to see people fighting. It breaks my heart. I will always try to resolve any fight I see.

I am a hardcore YAOI fan. Yeah, I'm a lesbian who is turned on by yaoi. You gotta problem with that? (LoL)

As fort superheroes, I am mainly a DC girl. My favorite DC shows are Legion of Superheroes, Teen Titans, and Young Justice. I have seen a few of the Newer YJ comics from Season 1, and Many original LoSH comics.
My favorite "younger" DC characters are:
Aqualad (ALL versions) Aquagirl (all excluding Lisa Morel. Hate that outfit. The best was Lorena. Second best: Tula ^^) Red Arrow/Speedy/Arsenal (Even if they are all separate people LoL) Robin/Nightwing (Grayson only, all the rest are posers. But I still have to make a shout out to Jason Todd <3) Bumblebee, Blue Beetle, Kid Flash, Impulse, Captain Marvel, Beast Boy, Artemis, Zatanna, Duela Dent, Red X, Terra, Raven, Karate Kid, Timberwolf, Dream Girl, Lighting Lad, Brainac 5 (<3) Sun Boy, Star Boy (LOVE him from the comics <3) Shrinking Violet (Series version) Matter-Eater- Lad, Bouncing Boy, AYLA!!!! Ferro Lad, Element Lad, and Invisible Kid.

As you can see most of those are from Legion. I happen to be a big fan of it. <3

My favorite older characters are:
Aquaman, Mera, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Plastic Man, Zatarra, Adult Zatanna, Deathstroke, Sinestro, Black Manta, Martian Manhunter, and Captain Marvel. (LoL)

As you can see the list is smaller.. I had to strain my mind for that much.

And my favorit Marvel characters are:
Deadpool, Iron fist, and Spiderman.
End of list.

Like I said, I'm a DC girl..

Anyway... I can't really think of anything else to say so...

Bye now! ^^


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carwyn26 Report | 02/07/2015 9:59 pm
Thanks for buying!
Nyan_Cupcakes Report | 06/11/2014 5:29 pm
Happy Birthday sweet cheeks !! smile It's been a while but I hope you have a great birthday and eat tons of cake. heart heart
the gothic beauty 2 Report | 06/28/2013 8:12 pm
the gothic beauty 2
Hey I posted >.< and nice about me section lol.

I created an rp with surfer and I'm lolling so hard.... >.< It involves CJ, Drax, and Yoko. As well as my two girls >.<
the gothic beauty 2 Report | 06/24/2013 9:09 pm
the gothic beauty 2
It was guy troubles. -.- but I'm getting over him I hope.
the gothic beauty 2 Report | 06/24/2013 8:51 pm
the gothic beauty 2
Yes sorry been a bit depressed lately....
unchanging Report | 06/12/2013 6:17 pm
          No problem. The reason why I know of it is because I received two notices regarding your birthday, and I almost forgot which account was active.
unchanging Report | 06/11/2013 7:43 pm
          You're very welcome. ♫ I am glad I said that on time; I hope the celebration was a good one!

          By the way, did you take a look at your old profile? A guild mate of yours looked like she was trying to contact you.
Santiago Campos Report | 06/11/2013 3:43 pm
Santiago Campos
unchanging Report | 06/09/2013 4:18 pm
          Happy birthday, Miss Atlantean. : )
The Virgin Jewel Report | 02/07/2013 9:11 am
The Virgin Jewel
Heya love, didn't get a reply? Just giving you a heads-up, might be going away for the weekend so I'd like to reply to it asap.



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