Hello. My name is Zed. Welcome.
I am a man of many forms and many faces.
I have been alive for twenty cycles.
They have been mundane, to say the least.
I am a man of simple pleasures, indeed.
I try to find beauty in all I see.
I believe people are naturally good,
However they can be lead astray easily.
I find comfort in music, many styles.
Myself, I am a Trumpeter. Guitar, as well.
I am an entertainer, I work at a Theme Park.
If you are curious, I'll surely tell you.
I will say it is in the Northern East of U.S.
I do not live near the park, however.
I am only here during this summer, my last.
I like to skateboard, as well as play League.
Feel free to ask anything you want to know.
I reserve to rights to ignore you if I choose.
I can sometimes seem distant to strangers.
I'm not particularly here to make friends.
Hence I may seem a bit stand-off-ish.
I am not opposed to conversation.
You may contact me via comments to the left.