I’m 25, I’m a Scorpio, I live in the Salt Lake Valley and I work at Jimmy John’s.
I was born November 11, 1991 at 3:02 a.m. in Murray, Utah.
Year of the Gold Ram
I like various things
I’m an Individualist.
I play The Sims a bit
I’m not a gamer, but I love video games. So, I watch other people play them.
I love to play dress up… In all forms. In real life, in Covet Fashion, in my sketch book, here on Gaia, anywhere really…
I, also, love to be in the water. I’m not a very strong swimmer really, but I could live in the pool regardless.
I’m in love with India and Indian/Hindu culture.
I am of Danish, Irish, Scottish, English, German, Czech, and (possibly) Russian descent.

In the water, I am free.


Ma Kewl Shizit

[A☮ofX5] Just some things...



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