Sometimes you have to except the fact that yr beautiful. <3

So it's Jenna &Libby((:
We're bomb get over it,,
Things that bug us; Girls that can't get over themselve, bugs, snow, old people kissing, boys that don't give a s**t, and so much more.
Loves; Thunderstorms, Camaros, mustangs, Fords, Flowers, Texting, friends, boys, eachother(:, move nights, sleepovers, talking on the phone, doodleing, Halloween, dancing, music, and soooo much more,(:
Age, would be 16 and 15,, yeah we're youngin's(:
Blonde &strawberry blonde,, &ever so easy to get along with.
The dreeeam;; To move to Nashvillee, (:
Talk to me.(:
Don't be hatin' we were all ment to be uniquee. !




All i do is win. (: