Lo! Welcome to my charming profile. My name is Seamus Finnigan. Shay, Shayface, Seamy, Shay Shay for short. I absolutly love nicknames so if you have one for me, I'd love to hear it.

I believe that friends can help you get through everything in your life. Here on Gaia, alone, I've met an entire list full of people who have helped me, changed me, affected my life one way or the other. This list of people is in no particular order.

Pansabelle Parkinson
Draco Angelus Malfoy
Blaise E Zabini
Ryanne Finnigan
-Gryffindor Blonde-
Theodore Nott

I am happily gay. Well...More then 3/4ths. Violette often tells me that I am not completly gay because we eloped. She is the stepmother of my daughter, Ryanne. I like to flirt but I dare you to call me a whore. There is nothing wrong with a bit of innocent flirting, afterall. It does no harm.

I have two pet bunnies. They are named Sir Fluffington and Stevie George. Rum and Purple won the naming contest. You can see them at my Ask Seamus thread, which I would love for you to visit! I am second in command (JESUS) at the Grindeldore Fanthread. 8D.


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: Last Night On Earth :

: Last Night On Earth :

I'll be posting fanfics, tidbits of information, quizzes and the normal "journal" fun stuff. Enjoy.



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bippity boppity boo

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Dr Watson -- the heart

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Dr Watson -- the heart

heyy seam long time no talk whats up?
Femslash Lavender Brown

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Femslash Lavender Brown

Oh, Seamus! I'm so glad you invited me to be your friend!

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Thanks for your loving and listening ear, Seamus. I send you an e-cookie! (I'd send you real ones, but they'd be all crumbly and stale. And that would be icky. And not worth it.) LOVE YOU!
xXBrilliant ShadowXx

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xXBrilliant ShadowXx

Send this to 10 ppl then pres F5,

You will get 10,000 gold
tear goddess

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tear goddess

well,my fw3nds no im bi,and they dont tell any1...but my parents,im scared will hate me and neva eccept im there child....i no its beta 2 tell them....but i cant....(btw,yes,i do now class u as a role model even tho i barly no u,if i feel like i can trust sum1 and look up 2 them so soon it normalli means there a good person!^^)

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Happy Halloween!!
tear goddess

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tear goddess

omg,u sound so cool man!how old r u?howd u tell ur parents that ur gay?howd u tell ANY1 ur gay?(aprat from ppl like us)omg,u so grabed my attention wen i saw how u dressed ur avi,at first i thought,omg,that guy looks so brave and funny,im sure he has a really good sense of humour!and look,i so have a new role modle to add 2 the list!(im bi sexule and i dont no how 2 tell any 1other than ppl on chat sites coz they dont care,thats y i asked)


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Every time you messed with my head
All the things you did and you said
See my scars spell out your name and, you’re paralyzing me