* Facttt : My shoes .

Mmm,your cool. -sarcasm, Yea,ok grizz, MmmmKay?
Ayooo Mamash; ! Mmm,my names Tamaiyah, but you can call me Shanae,Luppi,or Maiyah. Lol 15 years young,iStandd at 5'4 ,Size 7 shoes,&140pounds.My birthdayy is on April 5thhh<3 .Mmm it's all aboutt the Nikes & Vans.iHave a obsession for black or latino boys,hehe.Mmm i'm nott like most girls ; iDon't gotta lie about my age or nothingg.
Hmm,my favorite color is redd,but blues' better. Mmm my heart is singlee & beatss for no oneee. I like music,singing,shopping,getting my nails done,&getting my hair done. I listen to rap,r&b,&hip-hop. It's all about the Celtics,baee!Gimmie yo' numberr & we can textt,piercinggs are cute,&Originality is lovedd,My biggest wish is to get Married & have four kids,hehe.Mmm,what ta' know more? Formspring me ;,or hit me up on msn @: ayoomaiyahbaee@hotmail.com

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