That's right. Its real.

Wow look who's back (maybe???)


The name is Kura.
I'm 19 21 years old.
I live in Hawaii San Diego.
Been on Gaia since '05.
I love video games and music.
I have no idea what I want to do for a career. I'm sure I'll figure it out when I get there.


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Yeah, you and me both man o no;;; Chicago was really nice b/c even in April or May it was a comfy 50-60 degrees. I got super duper pasty but oh well at least I wasn't sweating buckets emotion_awesome

Hmm he's an Aussie huh? It's too bad that you guys live so far apart :T But it's great that he's coming to see you, sounds like a real stand-up guy! u vu

When things are looking up I usually poof from gaia, so if you see me lurking around here it probably means that things aren't going so swell IRL and I've escaped back here to feel somewhat richer and more successful < u> emotion_facepalm After reading your comment I actually went on zOMG for a few minutes xD You and your boyfran should come zOMG with me sometime, I think I bought the sweetheart ring for a ridiculous amount of gold before I went on the long hiatus so you two should come enjoy it with me >u>;;;;
Riku Mammote

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Riku Mammote

lol, i hope so, do u have a Skype

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Oh wow you're like moving places left and right sweatdrop I already get done in by the Cali summers, so I'd die instantly in Arizona @ n@;;; My friend who did his hospital training in AZ always talked about how it's like 110 over there :U

But congratties on yur boyfran emotion_awesome How long have you guys been together? emotion_kirakira

I was p sure that you had poofed from gaia, what brought you back to these parts xD

Riku Mammote

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Riku Mammote

u told me u were 17, u liar

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Yo man, it's literally been forever lol I forgot, are you still in Hawaii or did you end up moving back to SD?

I'm now Schoolmizugi, MD but due to the shitty job market I can't find any openings for internships :T So now I'm trying to go for a teaching license so I can hopefully snag a job w/ okay monies and health benefits lol.

How's everything on your end kurara? emotion_hug

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Lmao, ik what you mean; I've just been slaving away at the hospital all day everyday so idk like anyone out here in Chicago >.>;;;; But at least it's cold so I can actually wear clothes O uO It sucks d**k when I'm living somewhere that's like hot and humid b/c then I'm just sweating balls all day o 3o

Which is like pretty much every where down South lulz. But you're right tho, at least s**t's cheap down there so I won't be a trillion dollars in debt... more than I already am = n=

I've been kinda keeping an eye out for jobs too in case no one takes me as an intern, but man there's actually not a lot that I can do w/ just an MD and no license lol. But dude, massage therapy is pretty legit, I heard it's like salary + tips. Are you gonna stick around in SD?

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I heard WA state is like rainy as crap e 3e ;;; SD is cool though xDDDD I think my sister is down in Pasadena for med school o:

Omg, so I sent out like 150 apps for internship spots, and the only one that invited me for interview was Baton Rouge ;c Everyone's all like "one interview is all you need brah" but if they don't take me I'm ******** xDDD If they do though, I think they're willing to pay me like $200k over 3-years moohahahaaha ;3

But yeah, after those 3 years then I become a legit doc and grind for oogles of monies lmao

Dude, what are you doing now? (school/work/dicking around/other) cx

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Lmao ohai kurarara c;

You happen to comment me on the day that I decide to hop on gaia for a sec lulz

Dude what have you been up to? I've been busy as crap trying to make it through 3 more months til I graduate, so I'm hoping not to get distracted by gaia >o>;;;;;

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Omg dude, I thought I'd never see you on gaia again lmao

If my school will stop being such a mountain of dicks w/ their bureaucratic red tape and line up the rest of my classes, then I might get my MD by Feb next year xD Then you can come to me for some free healthcare o;

Oh yeah, have you ever donated plasma before? I was thinking of being a whore for the plasma donation center as a source of alternate income lololol I was reading s**t online and ppl were like yeahhh you can get something like $130 for 4 visits o: I'm so ******** broke that any extra money coming my way I'm like emotion_omnomnom lololol

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Bahhh I miss you too kurarararara T ^T

I just moved into a new place for only $389/month that's right across the street from the hospital I'll be training at, but there's no internet, so I'm cut off from the rest of the world again unless I can haul my a** over to the public library xDDD

Dude, omg, so on my 2nd time driving in snow, my car hit the curb where I guessed the road was, and it ended up taking $650 to fix the damage to my suspension < A> ******** YOU SNOWWWW >:c


P r o m i s e s`

Promises, and they still feel all so wasted on myself.