That's right. Its real.

Wow look who's back (maybe???).


The name is Kura.
I'm 19 21 years old.
I live in Hawaii San Diego.
Been on Gaia since '05.
I love video games and music.
I have no idea what I want to do for a career. I'm sure I'll figure it out when I get there.


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Lmao, ik what you mean; I've just been slaving away at the hospital all day everyday so idk like anyone out here in Chicago >.>;;;; But at least it's cold so I can actually wear clothes O uO It sucks d**k when I'm living somewhere that's like hot and humid b/c then I'm just sweating balls all day o 3o

Which is like pretty much every where down South lulz. But you're right tho, at least s**t's cheap down there so I won't be a trillion dollars in debt... more than I already am = n=

I've been kinda keeping an eye out for jobs too in case no one takes me as an intern, but man there's actually not a lot that I can do w/ just an MD and no license lol. But dude, massage therapy is pretty legit, I heard it's like salary + tips. Are you gonna stick around in SD?

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I heard WA state is like rainy as crap e 3e ;;; SD is cool though xDDDD I think my sister is down in Pasadena for med school o:

Omg, so I sent out like 150 apps for internship spots, and the only one that invited me for interview was Baton Rouge ;c Everyone's all like "one interview is all you need brah" but if they don't take me I'm ******** xDDD If they do though, I think they're willing to pay me like $200k over 3-years moohahahaaha ;3

But yeah, after those 3 years then I become a legit doc and grind for oogles of monies lmao

Dude, what are you doing now? (school/work/dicking around/other) cx

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Lmao ohai kurarara c;

You happen to comment me on the day that I decide to hop on gaia for a sec lulz

Dude what have you been up to? I've been busy as crap trying to make it through 3 more months til I graduate, so I'm hoping not to get distracted by gaia >o>;;;;;

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Omg dude, I thought I'd never see you on gaia again lmao

If my school will stop being such a mountain of dicks w/ their bureaucratic red tape and line up the rest of my classes, then I might get my MD by Feb next year xD Then you can come to me for some free healthcare o;

Oh yeah, have you ever donated plasma before? I was thinking of being a whore for the plasma donation center as a source of alternate income lololol I was reading s**t online and ppl were like yeahhh you can get something like $130 for 4 visits o: I'm so ******** broke that any extra money coming my way I'm like emotion_omnomnom lololol

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Bahhh I miss you too kurarararara T ^T

I just moved into a new place for only $389/month that's right across the street from the hospital I'll be training at, but there's no internet, so I'm cut off from the rest of the world again unless I can haul my a** over to the public library xDDD

Dude, omg, so on my 2nd time driving in snow, my car hit the curb where I guessed the road was, and it ended up taking $650 to fix the damage to my suspension < A> ******** YOU SNOWWWW >:c

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GAH ik what your mom went through >.> When I was in Maine, I tried to bring some shoes w/ me that had ultimate traction, but s**t still didn't help me ;c I like almost fell and killed myself like 5 times over the 2 days I was there, and every time you could see the ppl around me lol and go "omgosh nub e.e " : / But ********, all of them are like $40 for like fugly gigantic space boots sigh Can I just get a pair of swampers and make do? ;c

Dude, I'll be in the middle of my pediatrics rotation in feb lmao I'm like super booked until like the end of July next year xD But after that I'm trying to have a month break so I can study and take the last part of my licensing test before I can graduate w/ my MD emotion_dealwithit

And uhhhhh, I'm not really on anywhere else except gaia hahaha. You can try texting me, but just remember that I have like the most basic plan for $9.99 that has no text, no data plan, and like 450 min a month that I share w/ my family = 3= It looks like friends can send me texts, I just can't send any back xD
Menis Puncher

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Menis Puncher

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Happy Birfdae Kura!
Luff joo!

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lol you'll probli need to remind me >.>

But wait xD how much longer are you gonna stay in HI before you move back to cali?

The temp's starting to dip lower and lower by the day, so I probli need to head to walmart tomorrow and look into how much a pair of boots are gonna run me @_@ Damn you snow >:c I told ppl that I had vans I could switch into when I'm on route to or from he hospital and everyone lol'd and called me a nub ;T

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lol happy b-day dude emotion_awesome

I'll send you some s**t when you come back o;

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Omg lol, so the dude has a garage but apparently, him, me, and my roommate all park in the driveway b/c he has too much s**t in the garage to park cars in there = 3= I asked him about it since I was hoping to fly home in like 1/10000000 of the time hahah, but he was like "uhhh idk if you can fit a car in there atm o 3o" so I was like ughhh ******** it >.> I could drive I guesss, but before I joined gaia, I drove from sac to Maine for my 5th semester :T It was the most monstrous ******** drive I have ever done, and after that I think I'm good on anymore heavy duty road tripping if I can help it xDDD OH that reminds me lol what are those ice-removing thingamajiggers called? My roommate said I shouuld get one now before the snow and ice start coming and everyone wants to get one for their car o.o

And ikr hahahha I'm totally suspect when I see a huge 5 000 sq ft house that's for teh cheepz stare You're gonna help me pick one out when it comes time to do it rite? :3

OMG, since you're gonna be in SD, we should go to AX!!!! And we should bring kuro too xD Then you can drive her Cobalt around whee


P r o m i s e s`

Promises, and they still feel all so wasted on myself.