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Rainbow Dash (sometimes referred to as Dash, or as RD by fellow Bronies) is a Pegasus pony who claims to be one of the fastest in the land, and very well may be! Her signature move is the Sonic Rainboom, a move so fast and rare that it was previously only thought of as a myth.

She helps control the weather at the Cloudsdale Weather Factory and wants to someday be a member of the Wonder Bolts, the Equestrian Arial Flight Team.

Rainbow Dash has the Element of Loyalty, and sure enough always comes through for her friends when they need her. She is very brave and bold but can often be a bit too proud of herself. She tends to brag about her talents and accomplishments, and is very competitive, although she really hates losing. She also loves danger and adventure but has been known to be a bit of a prankster.

Her Cutie Mark is a blue, yellow and red lightning bolt shooting from a cloud. It came to her when she performed her first Sonic Rainboom.

Rainbow Dash has a cyan blue coat, with a rainbow colored mane and deep rose colored eyes.

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High in the skies above ponyville floats this entire city made of clouds. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were born here and it is the home to the airborne pegasi ponies, The Wonderbolts. Young pegasi train at the flight school and strive to win the Best Young Flyer contest at the city stadium. The adults in Cloudsdale are busy working in the weather factory making rainbows, snowflakes and clouds that support the excellent growing climate in Ponyville below. The citizens of Ponyville return the favor by sharing their harvest with their skyward friends.


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Total Value: 2,732,618 Gold
After Exclusions: 1,663,000 Gold
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À la Fondue
Rainbow Jubilee
Opalescent Rainbow
Kameha the Sea Turtle
Astra-48: Flish Wings
Rainbow Scarf
Lord Wilhelm
Wolf of Southtown
Bass Hero
SDPlus #159 Ika