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~Info About Moi~Updated!!

Here we go:
Name: (A mystery! Just call me Devi
Nick Name: Brat, Spike, Dei
Age: 26 years old
Gender: A mystery (Bwahahah)
Location: Pennsylvania
B-day: 11/16

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual ((A mystery bwahaha))
Turn on(s): Tom Hiddleston as Loki xD
Turn off(s): Bullying.((unless its in an rp then im all for it haha))
Status: Single
Mood: Happy
Current Song: Guilty Beauty Love (Vic Mignogna) (i found it again woot!)
Current Color: Purple and Black

Hair: Currently a fading Blue, slightly silver-ish.
Skin: Pale
Body: 5'4 or something close to that

Fave. Drink: Pepsi, Strawberry Daiquiri, Coffee, Eggnog
Fave. Dessert: Chocolate mostly Hershey's.
Fave. Food: Spicy Hot Wings, Spicy Raman, Lobster/Crab/Shrimp
Fave. Fruit: Strawberries and Watermelon
Fave. Vegetable: Corn

Fave. Colors:Blue, black,purple, red
Fave. Shape: pentacle
Fave. Number: Dont have any.
Fave. Symbol: smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

Fave. Weather: Stormy/Cloudy
Hot or Cold?: Hot
Ice or Snow?: Neither I hate winter
Rain or Hail?: Rain

Fave. Song: Alot of songs
Fave. Band: Gorillaz and Creature Feature, Nox Arcana, Adrian Von Zeigler
Fave. Music Genre(s):Everything but country, mostly my Youtube playlist.
Fave. TV show(s): House, Law and Order SVU, Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, South Park, other
Fave. Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Moulin Rouge, Sweeny Todd, Les Miserables, others.
Fave. Cartoon Character(s):Im more into Anime then cartoons.

Fave. Thing To Say: ********. ((weird I know but eh..)
Fave. Celeb(s): Males:Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr. Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth. Females: Cant think of any but I do like several xD
Fave. Sports to do: Swimming
Fave. Animal: Tigers(cats in general), Wolves, Snakes. Dogs. Cats.
Fave. Store: Hot topic, and Spencers
Fave. Pants: Anything comfortable and baggy but stylish
Fave. Shirt: Any with wolves on it or anime characters on it
Fave. Jewelry: Collars or chains.
Fave. Clothes Brand: None

Fave. Snack: Junk food
Fave. Car: Aston Marton V12 Vanquish, Mustangs
Fave. Item: My New Laptop, my blanket and game systems
Fave. Activity: Being on Gaia, playing video games, and roleplaying
Fave. Dream Job: Paranormal Investigator
Fave. Hangout : Cemeteries, or at the ocean/beach
Fave. T.v genre: Anime all the way.
Fave. Video Game: Skyrim, Devil May Cry series, Resident Evil, .Hack games, Evil Within, The Dragon Age series.
Fave. Book(s): Yaoi fanfiction xD

I'll change it and add more if needed smilies/icon_biggrin.gif



Please don't pm me to lower my price. All my prices are final. Thank you.


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butterfingercrunch Report | 03/26/2015 6:25 pm
Yay! Hehe it's my baby XD
butterfingercrunch Report | 03/24/2015 7:39 pm
I hope you like it~ Tell me what you think!
butterfingercrunch Report | 03/22/2015 6:05 pm
You should read my fic~ heehee (self advertising here)
(but that's if you read Harry Potter fics, i guess... and it's LV/HP, with mild mpreg... heheh)
I'm trying to get back into gaia, since i took a really long break. I'm slowly getting there... i think. Maybe.
Hopefully life won't stay so busy for long, though you know.... it likes to kick you when your guard is down T^T
Ichiro Izanagi Report | 03/22/2015 3:42 am
Ichiro Izanagi
Hi there. No, you're not bugging me. I didn't get a PM I don't think. At least, I didn't get a notice for one so I'll go look at the inbox. I answered the rp post yesterday so hopefully you'll see that today next time you're online. I know the time difference can be a great nuisance. smile
butterfingercrunch Report | 03/21/2015 12:34 pm
Sleep is life =u=
I've been well!
I'm actually stepping into the world of fanfic right now... I use ao3 ^^
Wish I had a bit less stuff to do and was a little less busy, but not really something that can be helped :p
Keiron_Silver Report | 03/19/2015 11:16 am
Hi! Sorry, just got home after a very long day! That's why I didn't answer sooner. Don't have a smart phone so can't post or answer messages when I'm out, I only have a desktop PC. I've posted in one of the group RPs on the Guild, the sci fi kidnapped by aliens one. I would love to do a third RP in the Guild with you, that would be great. I'll have to go post some characters. smile
butterfingercrunch Report | 03/19/2015 3:37 am
Hey! It really has been a long time hasn't it?
Awww thanks! Heehee I really like this one!
How have you been?
Keiron_Silver Report | 03/18/2015 2:10 pm
Hi there. How are you doing? I've got the one for Tarak/Kyne but not the other one. If you resend it I'll answer now as I'm just writing the other one. smile
Nico-Selvatico Report | 03/15/2015 1:59 am
Hey sorry I didn't see your comment. I don't get on here much anymore.
Keiron_Silver Report | 03/13/2015 9:24 am
Hi there! Yes, I got them. I just answered one, funnily enough, before I saw the notice. Would you believe the workmen managed to cut through an electric wire not once but twice, leaving us with no power at all? I couldn't get online! Very frustrating! They hopefully finish today then its just fitting the new boiler and plumbing on Monday. Yay for hot water! smile

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