Skype: ximapiranhax



Hey! Looks like you found me, but sad to say, I no longer play Gaia. I've moved on to new games, one of which is called Grand Fantasia. I have been and will continue to pop in occasionally to check messages, but feel free to message me on Skype if you ever want to talk. Just be sure to tell me who you are!

Fishy emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

ou can call me Fishy or any other nickname you can think of
am a loud and energetic little fish
have magical powers
am a pianist
am open to all kinds of music
am pretty crappy at giving advice but I do try....
am also bad at expressing emotions
like to play videogames even though I suck at most of them
live for my friends and family
will randomly break into song whenever I want
am Fishy