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_♥_♥___♥_♥_ ρυт тнiՏ
♥___♥_♥___♥ нєαrт
_♥___♥___♥_ oη yoυr
__♥_____♥__ ραgє if
___♥___♥___ yoυ lovє
____♥_♥____ Տoмєoηє

Mainz c:

No order !!! ~

Hacks ♥

Ayoo! This be Lily hacking my daughter Jenny(; What can I say about this girl? Shes wonderful! She treats everyone including me with respect and kindness. Shes been the best since the day I met her. Ill always be there for her as her gaia mother and as her best friend ^^ Bby-girl you mean the world to me and you always will<3 Okay its burning hot outside todayo; Imma go eat something cause it be lunch time :3
~ Lily<3

Ahh,crap i dont know how to start this,uhh. . . . . . . Well Im Paty or better known as Jenny's dear,sweet Daughter xD .So what can i say bout meh Mommeh<3???well she mi bestfriend, she beautiful,,amazing in everything she does,some one i can run to when im down or mad, some one i tell all mi dirty lil secerts too x:,i trust her n i will be by her side no matter wut ;o , she funny nd random nd bigger pervert than i am xD ,she a lazy head but i am too, , nd so much more but thts gonna take days for u to read..she's simpley amazing<3.. . i think im gonna stop here.
Anyway i Love yuh Mommeh<3
XOXO Paty x3
P.S: Ich Liba Dih XD

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy this is yo son lol im so lucky to have u as a mom u take good cara of me wen im feeling down and u make my days go from bad 2 good and thats y i LOVE U MOM :3 <3

This is Simon Hacking Jenny xD Jenny is a Cool Laid back girl 3 She chill u can tell by the way she talk xD. Watchout guys she can be a flirt xDDD jk
she probably gonna slap me wen she see this xD Pwhahha oh well its cool im Simon and i'm Awesome. If you mess with her she gonna drop kick chuuuu. Simon is out peace!!

Write meh one ? :3

Memories <3

Me as a boii xD Sexay huh ;O

Santa <3

TeeHee ^.^

Art <3

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Me 8D

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