Quote of the day.

"I can do anything through him who gives me strength."
Philippians 4:3

Me. Just click and gtfo.


Once you reached your limit. Think again.

Name's Shearson. Learn it. Love it. Moan it. I'm Filipino with a dash of Chinese. September 13th. Age? Guess. Philippine Born, Cali Raised. I'm a Imperfectionist, I fail so many times, yet, I'm still here alive. My past is the past, I'm a closed book, with a million locks to pick but I'll be there whenever you need it. But don't worry, I worry about other things that are important. I am a Strategist, I conquer and devour anything that becomes a challenge. I am still the curious, loving, funny kid I knew. But get on my bad side, you can try running away or else... GG buddy. Want to keep in contact with me? just ask.