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xiiSweet Cupcake

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DeviantArt c:

17 ✖ May 13 ✖ Black/Native American Indian
✖ born and raised in Cali.
✖ lives on the East coast now.
✖ yes, that's my picture up there..
✖ i like to think of myself as a sweet person.
made with pure perfection and a dash of sugar.
✖ im quite a frustrating/confusing person
✖ im also very.. Very indecisive
✖ im that chic who wants to meet everyone and go everywhere.
✖ im very quiet, and don't trust anyone but i speak my mind, and rather tell you whatever straight up than sugarcoat it
✖ i don't express my feelings and thoughts very well though
✖ i love different cultures, especially asain!
i hope to be studying in japan next summer !! c:
✖ I have a Skype if you wanna chat there.
✖ i love drawing and painting, as well as cake decorating and photography.
✖ single.
still waiting for that guy who will be willing to put up with me.

bestest friend ever !! <33