Username: x curious o



Please read this, Thank you.
(1.) I am a guy. Risky Fate is my main account.
(2.) I mostly just vend/trade/profit on this account.
(3.) Please do not be offended if I do not accept friend requests.
(4.) I will donate gold/items on my own times. Please no begging.
(5.) Depending on how you treat me, that is how I will treat you.
(6.) My female avatars are not the best, I aim to please myself.
(7.) Got a question about GaiaOnline? I would love to help.
(8.) I am aware of the inflation and the site fixing their ToS.
(9.) I do not make dream avatars. Everything I make is freestyle.
(10.) I am going to remain with Gaia until the end. I have decided.

x curious o