Okay, a little about me. I'm a twenty-five year old Caucasian female. I live in a small town in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, USA. I'm wanting to be a published author, as I'm working on a couple different stories that I hope to get published, one day.

My book, that I'm working on, deals with vampires and werewolves and the occasional demon. I would say more, but I don't know how to summarize my story as of the moment and it's still in the works. Though I have the sequel already plotted out.

I have an older half-sister, one full younger brother, one older step-sister, an older step-brother and one not-so-adopted older brother. Then I have a couple of my younger brother's friends I claim as bros. I'm overly protective of my siblings/non-siblings. If someone tries to pick on them, I'll make them wish they were skinned alive or worse. >( Just the way I am.

I rather not care what others think of me. I have never really been big on the whole people-person side but maybe one day I'll be a bit more outgoing.

However, you can ask anyone on Gaia, that hasn't been on my bad side, I'm quiet easy to get along with. So if you want to know more about me, I'm kind enough to reply to pms (most of the time) and I'm not going to rip off anyones head on here. I really don't see the point in getting mad at someone on Gaia, it is pixels after all.

Also, I like to roleplay and I'm an addict in the pet shop here on Gaia. I've probably spent enough gold in them to own an angelic Halo. =0


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B. Wolf's Mess of a Journal (Enter at your own risk))

This is my little corner to write...when I feel like it...also home to some of my little ideas.


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Thanks, Katey. I appreciate it. ~Terra

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Don't worry. I'm always just glad to hear from you.

My dad passed away last week. I was with him and he didn't suffer. He's in a better place now.

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Unfortunately my Dad is back in the hospital for basically the same thing he was before. I am really worried about him. He was put on oxygen after his last bout but perhaps he wasn't using it as much as he needed and that's why he's back on a respirator. He also has congestive heart failure which is worrisome. I'm just hoping and praying.

I'm trying to get over a nasty cold but nothing like your Staph infection. That's serious business! Thank goodness you're alright now. *hugs tight~

I'm kind of tired with everything going on so I'll keep this brief but I will talk to you soon, darling.

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I feel certain I missed a very important event... hmmm, what could it be? Your birthday, of course! User Image Not to mention Christmas. Is there anything you wanted? I love giving prezzies to my people. heart

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Eep! Sorry. I always copy/paste comments so I can refer back and usually I remember to delete but my brain is fried from lack of sleep. Sorry you had to read your own comment again!!! *huggles~

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I missed you too, Terra! -hugs now like a bear-

Oh yeah? Are you at least enjoying the work you are doing, though hopefully you can get some more soon. =]

Eh, not really came home from work last night ready to pray to the porcelain god and eating Saltines as I type.

Awe, -really hugs now- Thanks, I have been trying to make a point to juggle getting back on Gaia, missed all the awesome people on here and the amazing roleplayers (like you are my favorite person next to my B/C shops pals). I also had more inspiration for my own writing when on here than I did when I quit for a while., but my boyfriend keeps bugging me to log onto WoW too. >.>; He says he misses me on there though we live together. :/

And I'm ending my rant now. <333 Talk to you soon!

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, sugar. I had a hell of a week. My Dad went into ICU with double pneumonia on Sunday and on top of his COPD that can be scary to say the least. They put him in a regular room and his breathing was better so I felt safe coming home yesterday.

Anyway, I am really sorry to hear that you have a nasty case of the stomach flu! I had that a couple of months ago and it wasn't pretty. I lost 8 lbs in a week. I know I haven't talked to you in a while but if you are still having trouble keeping things down, I recommend the BRAT diet (bananas, white rice, apple sauce and white toast). It was the only thing that got me through.

It would be fabulous if you would start writing again. You are way too talented a writer to let your skill go to waste. Believe me, I'll be first in line when your book goes on sale. User Image heart

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Gosh, I missed you! User Image

I'm okay. Working part-time but looking for more. Are you better now?

I saw your status message and it made me smile. I hope you'll pop on every once in a while. You are one of the few people who make Gaia worth logging on to. heart

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Katey!!! heart *hugs you bine-crushingly tight and does a happy dance~ I missed you so much. User Image How's every little thing?

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Psst~ Umm, is there anything you want for Christmas? User Image

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Oh, I've missed you so much, Katey. *cries* crying heart


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