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Ohhai~ o u o

Before I get started, I would like to say I am currently questing Mrs. Butterscotch~ Any donations or tips would be loved! emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif

Gah. I love Booyakaa, and if you don't, you're wrong because she's amazing.

And if you have any unwanted/unneeded Salt, please direct trade offers to either me or to my friend xH3al My Brok3n H3artx~ She wants to make the Amigo Taco, and needs seven more Salt (which can be found in Philosopher's Cache: Aquamarine)! XD

I do not accept random friend requests. It's nothing against you guys, but I prefer to talk to people and get to know them at least a little bit before I add them. Thank you~ ^^

If you have ventured here for the first time, I bid you welcome! My name (as you can probably see) is x-Beautiful---Delusions-x, but I'd prefer it if you called me Del or Delu. Some of you may have ventured here to find out who this person is - and my old friends on here know me as TrinityMimikotsu. Why the name change? Because I'd created that one seven years ago, and it doesn't seem to fit my nature anymore; I've grown apart from it. Those of you who knew me as that may still call me Trin, Trini, or Tiki~ If you would like to know my real name, you need to get to know me a little better; I prefer not to give it out to simply anyone. o;

I suppose while you're here, I can tell you a bit more about myself~ I am a twenty-year-old college student who enjoys reading and writing. In fact, I even have a Fanfiction.Net account, where I read several different fanbases for stories, as well as write my own. I'm particularly interested in Ouran High School Host Club, and Kyoya is my favorite. I'm even currently writing a story about him and an OC, so take a look~? ^^

I am an avid Harry Potter fan, and I have always been a Ravenclaw lover. I was extremely excited to be sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore, as well. My username is NifflerHawthorn23036 if you wish to add me, though I'd like for you to send me a PM or leave a comment before you do so I know who you are~ :3
I seriously adore the Marauders; Sirius is my favorite~ >w< My friends and I have even created our own Marauder group, and so I have been deemed Padfoot among them; we also have our own Severus (haha, Snivellus~) but we try not to pick on her too badly~ <3

Oh, I also seriously adore music. :3 If you have a song you think is abstract or just awesome, feel free to share it with me in a PM. I love hearing new songs, especially if said songs are like the song "I'll Make a Man Out of You" where one ear has English lyrics and the other has Mandarin lyrics~ That type of stuff is amazing! :'D

Anywho~ I believe that is enough about me for now; if you wish to know more, simply shoot me a PM. o;

P.S. - I love Claude Faustus~ Dat butler~~~ <333


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Life of Trinity

Well, obviously, this will just be random things that I do in my life. It can be stupid things I did, fun things that happened, what I got for holidays/birthdays, some random one-shots I did when bored, etc.


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Follower of Orion Report | 04/22/2014 10:01 pm
Follower of Orion
Congrats! >w<
Follower of Orion Report | 04/22/2014 9:55 pm
Follower of Orion
Nice AV, Delly~
And congrats on whatever the cause of your status is ^w^
io3121 Report | 04/22/2014 3:41 am
Yeeaahh, I'm a bit accident prone. Ever since I was a little toddler. I split my head open twice that I needed stitches for, one that I managed to hide from my dad and get to heal by itself. Then my knee and the bike crash. Jammed my elbow in a mountain biking crash. Sprained my ankle rock climbing when I missed stepped a rock, fallen from various heights... Yeah, I'm a bit of klutz, coupled with being a dare devil, not a good thing. blaugh Yes, I am colorblind. A lot of people don't really know what that is. I can see color, but certain ones like Yellow or light florescent colors. My eyes simply don't register that there is color there. I see it as white. I get blues and greens mixed up a lot, same with brown and purple. It's a vitamin c deficiency I was born with. Doesn't really affect me at all though. Someone'll be like "Oh, look at that pretty yellow dress on her!" And I'll be "Oh, yeah!" But it just looks white to me. Most people can't tell I'm color blind, and it's not really that big of a deal. *Shrugs*

Yeah, I miss her, but we talk on the phone, and sometimes skype when my sister's in her room with the laptop.

A lot of things are illegal in Cali. Including Ferrets, which I want too!

I understand if your tired. I'm not normally up past two am since getting a job, but I don't go in till 2 pm tomorrow so I can stay up. Six am is way to late (Early?) for me though. You really are nocturnal!
io3121 Report | 04/22/2014 2:37 am
Yep, stitches suck. Well, getting them themselves you don't really feel since they numb the area (At least they did when I split my knee open) But the stuff they put in my knee to numb it and flush it out burned so bad I screamed bloody murder. I ended up clasping my own hand over my mouth to shut myself up, but I couldn't stop screaming. The only time I've ever cried in pain. Saw my dad's face go pale too. I was kind of grateful for that cuz he wasn't mad anymore, just sorry I got hurt. I had been out at a friend's house later than I should have been (Considering I was grounded at the time) and the brick stairs tried to eat me. as fpr the concussion, I had been riding my bike really fast and didn't see a car pull out of a parking lot till it was too late. I was all "Aw, I'll just turn and go off this curb and go around, but when I went off said curb, my front wheel decided to go sideways and I flew over the handlebars, landing on my arms and chest. My head never hit the ground. When I stood up and walked my bike to the tables across the parking lot, I looked up and everything was a BRIGHT yellow color (Which is weird cuz I can't see yellow. I'm color blind) It kept getting bright and brighter and when I went to speak, it sounded like I was under water. I sat for a while and it went back to normal. I was told later by my friend's aunt who is a nurse that when I fell, I came to such a sudden stop after riding so fast that my brain slammed into the front of my skull and I gave myself a concussion. The brightness was my eyes dilating and the lack of sound was me loosing consciousness, though I never lost it completely. Scary though.

I saw my Grama around this time last year, and hopefully, I'll see her sometime during the summer. Aside from my aunt, I'm the only family member who she feels comfortable enough (And that feels comfortable enough themselves) to care for her since she's been bedridden a few years back. I don't mind doing it at all, and since its a full time job, I definitely don't mind going to Texas to give my aunt a break for a few weeks so she can have a vacation.

I wanna own a fox now too.

And Inkheart is a great read! I'm glad you've at least heard of it. OH! You asked about a book earlier and I forgot to tell you, I'm reading a series of steampunk books called The Chronicles of Light and Shadow. It's about a young female Pilot who ends up going on the huge escapade with a man who seems to have very many Identities to essentially save the world from the forces of the shadow.
io3121 Report | 04/22/2014 2:03 am
Oh jeez. I have never been in the hospital for more than a few hours, and never so many times in such a short span of time. And the only reason I ever missed more the two days of school at a time was because I got suspended. So, in short, I can't imagine it. I've never been to the hospital because of illness. Mainly stitches and stuff... Usually in my head. sweatdrop Explains a lot. Never had a concussion though. Well. no wait. I have. I dunno how though. I didn't even hit my head.

Yeah, discrimination sucks. It's all god now though. I like our small family gatherings better, though I do miss my grandmother dearly. I'm her closest grandchild so being two time zones away from her hurts a bit.

Don't they make this loud, whining/ yowling noise? And chirp. Don't they chirp? I think they chirp, but I've never seen a fox before. Not in person anyway.

As one of my favorite characters put it, "I enjoy the night. Not so loud, not so fast, and a good deal more mysterious." -Dustfinger
io3121 Report | 04/22/2014 12:36 am
Personally, I love thunderstorms, and I think lightning is cool looking... as long as I'm watching it from indoors. Thunder and rain are like a lullaby to me. That sucks about your mold problem. I wished the doctors had diagnosed me with asthma a long time ago, as both me and my sister have breathing problems from second hand smoke. She had it worse than me when she was younger, but she's pretty much recovered. My fear fits make my throat act up when it happens, and when I laugh excessively, I get phlegm in my lungs for the rest of the day. It also takes me FOREVER to get rid of the tiniest of coughs because of it. So I feel your pain a little. Never had a problem with mold though. What is that? Why are you breathing in mold?

Christmas used to be like that, but after the divorce, it was just a way for my dad's side of the family to feel justified for ostracizing my mom. They did that before the divorce, but discreetly. Most of them didn't like the fact that my dad (white) married a Mexican. They never held it against is though. Just my mom. Tensions... But now Christmas is one of the few times my mom and dad will sleep under the same roof. We don't do big family things anymore as everyone else moved to Texas.

Yes, I make wolf noises, and bird noises, and cat noises, and cougar noises... And rabbit noises. Did you know rabbits make a noise? Two of them actually. I am a mimic when it comes to animal noises... A secret talent of mine. I blame my confused middle school experiments with things better left alone.

I am totally a night person! It's colder outside (Sunlight puts me to sleep faster than a full belly and a warm bed) I can see the stars (love astronlmy) and my dear friend the moon always lights my way.
io3121 Report | 04/21/2014 11:48 pm
I think the term is Agoraphobic, but I thought I was claustrophobic for the longest time too. Small places unnerve me, but I don't react to them as I do with large quantities of people. It just intensifies when a bunch of people are in a small space. I could be in a open field, if there was no room to move because of a crowd, I'd still freak out. I've only passed out once because of it, but it's so embarrassing. Every time it happens I'm scared I'll pass out and everyone will think I'm a whimp or sickly, but I'm NOT. Just a thing... about crowds.

Funny you should ask! I just changed my Avi for it. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I like pagan mythology a lot, and I'm not really religious so Christmas and Easter, while I celebrate them because my family is catholic, mean very little to me. I respect those who believe and worship what they will, though. I am no hater. You could call me agnostic, cuz I believe that there is some greater power out there, but I don't feel like I could come close to comprehending it, so I don't label it with God or the Big Bang or Ancient alien beings who created us as a science project. It's all possible in my head, so who am I to say which one is right you know?

... back to Halloween. I love the creepy, haunted feel of it, and it takes place during my favorite time of year. Where the trees turn color and the fog rolls in at night. I love night riding around the lake I live by when it gets foggy out, and if you go out to the marshy part of the lake when the sun comes up, the fog clings to the mud and looks like a haunted swamp. It's sooo cool! I also like acting like an animal, and Halloween is the best time to do that. I put on my wolf fangs and snarl and howl at the moon. I make very realistic wolf noises. I scare ,y coworkers all the time when I sneak up on them and growl low in their ear. twisted
io3121 Report | 04/21/2014 9:05 pm
Glad I avoided a throttle. xd

Yeah, And every time a new console comes out I tell myself, "Io, "don't need the next gen gaming system. You have all the make believe you need with the one you have." Then I see my favorite developers' new games for the next consoles and I'm like "I only need to take my next three checks and get it! Totally worth it." but then I'm poor again and so on. Not this time! I've tricked myself, see. I told myself that if I can settle down in Washington by the end of next year, I'll allow myself to by the newest console for myself and for my dearest. That way we have both playstation and xbox!

Yeah, roller coasters are so much fun. I'll go on pretty much any of them except things like tower of terror at Disneyland. Being shoved into an elevator filled elbow to elbow with other people freaks me out and I start hyperventilating and punching people out of the way to get out. Dunno why. Almost socked my friend in a queue line for a log ride because there were so many people in a small space. I couldn't handle it.
io3121 Report | 04/21/2014 4:47 pm
Oh, haha. Yeah, rereading it, I must have been at top form. It could also be that I was in the midst of a very exciting book that took place mainly in London, I think the late 1800s, so the vernacular in it rubbed off on me.

Yeah, but I had friends and animals to play with, and I also didn't know what I was missing, so it wasn't so bad. Couldn't live without it now though. I'm spoiled that way.

Again! Thank you for the compliments. At this rate, I won't be able to fit out of the front door, my head will be so big. And the pleasure's all mine! You are quite unique yourself. It's rare for me to find such a gem in the online role playing world.

Amusement parks are amazing! I go to Knott's Berry Farm at least once a year for my best friend's birthday. We all go to the Halloween Haunt they set up there and get the stuffing scared put of us. We have Six Flags Magic Mountain, and the roller coasters there are MINDBLOWING! I love em all. I'm a bit of a thrill seeker. Sadly, one of my favorites I can no longer ride. An injury I sustained acts up if I do. You?
io3121 Report | 04/21/2014 7:30 am
I'm sorry? What Pm would that be? And what ever response you gave it seemed nice enough to have me continue such cordial relation.

Yeah, I have friends who went through all of the systems like that, but it wasn't until my parents split up and started competing for our affection that my dad broke down and got us a system. We used to pop in a VHS and take the tv remotes to pretend we were playing video games. Guess we looked pathetic enough.

She has a Deviant Art account, but I'm not sure what her name is there. I'll have to ask her, but she's never awake sooner than noon here. I've barged in on her so many times (She live up the street from me) and I'm all "Raaaayyyyeeee! Get uuuuup! Time to go hikiiiiiing!" And I just roll all over her till she gets out of bed. He parents let me do that. It's great!

I like New Zealand too! SO pretty! SO many sheep.

So I think that just about covers questions... What now?


Adorable avi art done for me by vanileii~ <3

One x One Search~

3DS FC: 2380 - 2579 - 5297
Feel free to add me, but PM me yours? ^^


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