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Roleplay Character Profile Sheet

Name: Gabrielle Kross
Appearance in Age: Approx. 23 to 24
Date of Birth: December the 1st
Sexuality: Pansexual
Zodiac: Sagittarius ♃
Skin Color: Milky white with freckles that come and go
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 140 lbs.
Blood Type: AB –
Body Type: Well defined muscular features against a curvy frame
Hair color: Ash-platinum blond
Eye color: Mostly grey with a hint of blue.
Identity: Nephalem's Child

Defining features: White eye lashes and blond eyebrows. Several intricately designed grey and black
tattoos that run down both of her arms, across her chest,
down her back, and down to her knee caps.
She has her bottom lip pierced as well as her septum in her nose.
Hair length: Extremely long. She will often cut it just for it to grow back to length within a few days, or put it up to avoid having to deal with it.
Dominant Hand: Left handed
Marital Status: Single
-Father: Lord Kross (Nephalem)
-Mother: Lady Kross (Human)
Siblings: A single sister to which Gabrielle has not spoken to since they were born.
Occupation: Noble.
Personality: Gabrielle is often aloof and off in her own little world. She can often be found staring at 'nothing' that most don't quite understand, and she really doesn't justify her reasons well. Seeing demons and other-worldly creatures is nothing new to Gabrielle. She often prefers to remain to her own devices, as her constant conversations with the undead and non-human makes building connections with her peers a bit difficult.
Gabrielle does not specialize in physical combat. While she keeps herself in great physical condition, she does not prefer to engage in close-combat.
Nightmare Imprisonment is her ability to 'trap' victims in a recurring nightmare that will continue for up to an hour, false memory weaving where temporary false memories can be implanted into the victim's conscious, only to disappear once they realize the lie of the false memory, and mind-reading to most non-magical humans and beasts. This ability is blockable by people with sufficient mental training. Puppet Master Ability - this ability is limited to the skill of its user and usually causes great physical drain on the "Master" Puppeteer. Gabrielle can only utilize this move for a few minutes at a time before becoming extremely exhausted and needing to stop.