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Birthday: 10/27

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My Lovely Solitary Cell 13~



Key: Speaking (Profiles)
Speaking (Everywhere else)
[Thought] (Profiles)
[Thought] (Everywhere else)
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{{Since Krissie's a genderbender, it's kind of hard to profile her. ^^;}}

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Turnabout Whip Report | 10/25/2012 4:41 am
Turnabout Whip
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Turnabout Whip Report | 08/23/2012 2:50 pm
Turnabout Whip
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The Law is everything
The Law is Absolute

Kristoph's Final Breakdown

Triplet Trubble
The Legendary Trainer
Crybaby Lucas
Homesick Ness
Knight in Overalls
Rock My PokeBass
Young Rocket Prince
The Negative EGG Zone
Snively the Great

My Aprrentice

Triplet Connoisuers

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My younger sister, Klara.

A Legendary Pokémon Trainer

Future Mafia Bosses

Hilda W. Touko

Dr. Nega

Colin Jr. Kintobor