[Can access this form at will, accidentally transforms into this form when under extreme stress or if human form is damaged beyond repair]
Height: 12' 9" - 24' 5'' - 625' 12'' - (Final) 4,629' 3''

Weight: 530lbs - 1.3Tons - 590Tons - (Final) 4,593Tons

Orientation: Prefers females.

Mood attributes: When in different moods, this organic body changes almost randomly.

• Highly Unstable
• Psychotic
• Docile after a kill
• Treacherous

Personal Interests
• Causing chaos
• Ending worlds
• Random acts of destruction
• Intense mutilation of enemies
• War mongering

Body Markings: A series of Stripes that change according to mood in both color and pattern. (located on abdomen and face )

Weaknesses: The use of temperatures below -350 degrees Fahrenheit will hinder movement and cause damage to his skin making him easier to damage. Ice element causes severe discomfort and can be fatal if used at the right temperature.

(Male body Structure)

Main BodyInterior

• 5 working hearts and E.A.S. cores
• 2 smaller backup hearts
• Lungs are a hybrid structure that filters out toxins and poisons and stores them in a poison sac located within the interior stomach.
• Blood is made up of a Lithium diisopropylamide and a n-Butyllithium blend making it a hyper corrosive base. it's color is clear within the body but turns to a black color when exposed to air right before catching on fire and exploding violently.
• Has 4 eyes total, various modes of sight available.
• Digestive system is able to filter out poisons and use them in a super condensed manner.
• For gravitational and weight purposes, bones are a diamond mixed super structure.
• Body has 7 circulatory systems and 5 nervous systems.
• Muscle fibers are triple layered for maximum utilization of strength.
• Brain and inner dermal layer is filled with a dense conditioned liquid that prevents it from destabilizing in harsh environments (I.E, Dimensional travel, intense gravity )
• Each heart houses a nuclear core that houses a stick of plutonium fused with iridium connected to one of the circulatory systems that produce radiation constantly that reaches the exterior of the body. (Causes radiation poisoning to those nearby)
• Organs are all radioactive.

Circulatory System

• Main circulatory system uses a base type of blood.
• 2nd Circulatory system supplies the body with radioactive energy.
• 3rd circulatory system transmits antiviral agents throughout the body.
• 4th circulatory system transmits a super condensed electrical current mainly to the hands and tail.
• 5th circulatory system provides a mix of dark matter and energy crystals to and from the E.A.S. cores located at the arms, legs, and main heart.
• 6th and 7th circulatory systems are attached to the backup hearts to circulate the main blood and radioactive energy.

Nervous System

• Main Nervous system is routed through the entire body to control main motor functions.
• 2nd Nervous system is routed through the E.A.S. Cores to maximize their efficiency.
• 3rd Nervous system is routed to the tail exclusively to give it a higher range of control.
• 4th Nervous system is routed to the skin surface just underneath the scales so that when the cybernetic implants are on it provides full control, and when they are off they sit beneath the scales.
• 5th Nervous system is routed solely around the spinal cord and can leave the body from the base of the neck. Used mainly for body snatching or zombification.

Digestive System

• A complex system that allows for energy consumption and production.
• 3 toxin sacs reside within that produce a virulent and corrosive gas commonly known as miasma.
• Stomach can enlarge itself when consuming a being of large mass.
• Tail is also part of digestive system as well as the hands. Mouths develop at each point to help with consumption or expulsion of liquids, toxins, or waste product.
• Intestinal tract is 35 ft long.

Reproductive System

• Body is capable of producing offspring by asexually generating an egg that is produced out of the mouth.(Hatches in a day )
• When a suitable partner has been found, the tail is used to inject either egg or biological DNA forcibly along with a marker that will kill any and all chemical and biological attempts to destroy the egg or DNA sample or alter it. (Gestation period is 5 days )

Main BodyExterior

• Tail is normally 25 feet long, but can extend further.
• Horns are used for battering and gouging mainly, skull density is heavily concentrated for this reason.
• Skin is an amorphous and symbiotic mixture of energy and liquid metal pigmented black.
• Skin is covered by a plating of draconian scales
that can withstand intense environmental conditions such as hyper intensive heat.
• Additive of Paradox crystal into structured DNA allows the skin to withstand dimensional changes and shifts.

(Male Abilities)

• Meson Disruptor cannons: Mounted in both arms through gauntlets, these cannons serve as severe ballistics weaponry. The power output far exceeds that of a rail gun, and the explosive power equals about two atomic bombs on scale.
• Power Amplifier: Located at the chest, it serves as a conduit to help moderate energy expenditure.
• Mask and helm: Serves to keep highly toxic Miasma from escaping on accident as well as provide protection.
•Leg armor: Act as stabilizers and boosts the range of speed accessible.

Organic Ability
• Within the center of each heart is a radioactive super core which outputs 10.5 Yottajoules of energy per millisecond.
• To keep from destabilizing his mass when in hyper sonic speeds or dimensional travel, a stabilizing chromosome is encoded to him which keeps memory of his body as it should be, allowing him to break down and reform as he needs.
• His tail, sleek and mysterious, it is able to form various weapons.
• Has the ability to shape shift.
• Form can grow in size, weight, and appearance to suit combat situations.
• He can lift in excess of several tens of thousands of pounds but the precise maximum capacity hasn't been found yet. The amount of force output is about the same calculation.
• Is skilled in all forms of elemental combat including Ice. (Prefers never to use it for its effects on his body)
• Can manipulate gravity with aura pressure.
• Temperatures can reach levels higher than hell's hottest flames.

(Main Information)

[ Human form is below this section ]
Name: Ix\'Aruul (Pronounced Eyix Ar Ool )

Common Nicknames or Titles: Maverick, Wrath, The Endbringer, The Old one,
The Archetype.

Home world: Everywhere and nowhere.

Age: Paradox, Can shift age at will as a result of trans-dimensional travel
•Current bodily manifestation/host created year 0 within the fifth circle = 0BC On Primary Earth dimension during the 10th Universal cycle.
•Existence predates initial creation.

Species: Many and all while one and singular.

Ranges of sight
• Accelerated Vision: The ability to see fast moving objects.**
• Astral Vision: The ability to see overlapping dimensions beyond the physical plane of existence.***
• Dimensional Vision: The ability to see all kinds of dimensions in one's area ***
• Atomic Vision: The ability to see the bonds between atoms.**
• Aura Vision: The ability to see a person or object's spiritual aura.***
• Blood Flow Vision: The ability to see the flow of blood of living beings.**
• Chemo Vision: The ability to see pheromone output.**
• Electromagnetic Vision: The ability to see various kinds of light in the EM spectrum.**
• Gamma Vision: The ability to see gamma radiation.**
• Infrared Vision: The ability to see heat radiation.**
• Ultraviolet Vision: The ability to see ultraviolet.**
• X-Ray Vision: The ability to see through solid objects.**
• Energy Vision: The ability to see hidden and or unused energy/power in someone.***
• Microscopic Vision: The ability to see very small items.**
• Movement Vision: The ability to instantly take notice of things if they move.*
• Multiple Vision: The ability to see in two different places at once.**
• Night Vision: The ability to see with little or no light.**
• Panoramic Vision: The ability to see 360 degrees.**
• Soundwave Perception: The ability to see soundwaves.**
• Telescopic Vision: The ability to see great distances.**

Fighting styles
• Ansatsuken o Rūtsu Toshita Kakutō Jutsu***
• Kendo*
• Iajutsu*
• Aikido*
• Thang Ta**
• Angampora***
• Jujutsu*
• Ninjutsu*
• Danzan Ryu*

* Used only by human form
** Used only by beast forms
*** Used by All forms

Bio: Destruction and rebirth; Ix once was many before it was one. Before the initial creation, a balance came into being as many existences collected into several singular manifestations, Ix was one of these beings to be known mainly as The Endbringer. To many civilizations and worlds its existence was known by different names, each one translating to roughly the same meaning of It which ends. Dormancy was necessary throughout several cycles of destruction and rebirth; the being known as Ix would create or choose a host with which to hide within until such a time that balance was necessary to be brought back to the universal plane.

During the 9th cycle of universal rebirth, there was a being on the opposite spectrum which wished for things to pause; it did not want the continuous destruction and rebirth to continue, it wanted to throw off the balance. It would succeed. At the last moments of the 10th cycle's creation, the entity of life would strike a fatal blow, blindsiding Ix as it went into dormancy and damaging its memory. As a result of this betrayal, Ix's existence would float endlessly throughout the void until a great summoning and trapping held the entity shackled within the form of a mere human within the parallel Earth realm, year 2012, December 21st. The result was a cataclysmic event which ended existence for all in that dimension and scattered Ix further throughout the realms and dimensions for years to come in a silence.

10th cycle still, Ix comes too back on the familiar realm of Earth by some means but has no recollection of what it is, and how it came to be. Its shell appeared human and it would live on as one while deep within, its mind began to split. The year would be 0BC now, still within the 10th cycle but upon the primary Earth dimension. After having died and come back, the current bodily manifestation would be that of a devil which was closer to what it once was. Ix still would not know fully where his true existence came to be, but the other Ix within does; The current created body is merely a vessel to house a greater being that.

Shared Abilities
• Assimilation: One of his baser abilities, it allows Ix'Aruul to taste and combine a foreign creature's DNA structure and coding to his own with a mere skin to skin touch. Assimilation is selective, he doesn't have to always assimilate what he touches.

• Regeneration: It takes a lot of strength to regenerate major limbs, but little to no effort to regenerate the smaller appendages or organs. The state of which he can regenerate himself, can go all the way down to the smallest cell, which means to kill him, one must obliterate his entire being and leave not a cell remaining. Regeneration of limbs and appendages, can be nearly instantaneous, but regeneration of his entire body, can take weeks or even a month.

• Paradox: A time/dimensional manipulating crystal which literally is part of Ix'Aruul's skin. originally the crystal resided within his mind's eye and allowed him only to warp from place to place but now, the crystal's application is fully drawn out since it was embedded into every inch and fiber of Ix'Aruul's body. The effects of Paradox, allow him to move through any point of time, and to any dimension known at will with little drawbacks. Overuse of Paradox will cause his age to decrease a year by every other use, and the overuse of the dimensional aspect will eventually cause him to be trapped between dimensions until he has the strength to break out again. The current usage limit, is 10 times normally, 3 times further without repercussion, and 1 more to begin the degradation. Only by adding crystal of the same type to his skin can he increase the effects and usage limits but none are left that can be found. The crystal originated from the meteor that struck the planet Earth millions of years ago. The effective range, is over 230.6 Miles. Anything within this range can be affected by his Paradox.
• Matter manipulation
• Energy synthesizing
• Telekinesis
• Pyrokinesis
• Telepathy
• Muscle growth and control
• Near incomprehensible speed
• To keep from destabilizing mass when in hyper sonic speeds or dimensional travel, a stabilizing chromosome is encoded to the body which keeps memory of it as it should be, allowing it to break down and reform as needed.

The Endscape Eyes

A visual trait shared by all three forms by using genetic material from the great Endbringers. The eyes take a fourth of energy to summon up and control, but once active it amplifies the natural abilities of Ix'Aruul by a multiple of 100x what it is naturally. The visual trait also gifts Ix'Aruul with the ability to slow time's current to a near stop as well as generate "Calamity Events" The total number of Calamity Events is 7.

Calamity Events

• Death by Fire: Whatever the gaze sets upon will be engulfed in an endless black flame.
• Death by Illusion: Whatever the gaze sets upon is trapped within a fictional reality in their mind until death. (Opponent is left comatose, there is a way to reverse this )
• Death by Time: Within the range of 30 feet of the gaze extending from point of sight and peripheral, all caught within are subjected to time slowing down making even a second seem like eternity. (This ability is reversible as it merely manipulates the mind's ability to comprehend time which fools muscles and thought processes)
• Paradise Lost: Anything within a 50 mile radius is engulfed in an overwhelming darkness that erases all the senses including sight, scent, and hearing. (Using the body as a medium, energy is expended to meet that 50 mile radius.)
• Death by Thought: Amplified by the visual trait, both telekinesis and telepathy are greatly enhanced which allows for unfathomable destructive ability when it comes to the mind.
• Death by Touch: This "Event" allows the ability to see and pinpoint any and all pressure points on the body to the most precise detail.
• The Final Touch: With a touch, the target is wiped from existence. (How this actually works, is that the visual trait amplifies the ability to manipulate energy to a near infinite degree. This allows for a hyper charge of energy to be output to the target with the intention of making them destabilize or explode.)


(Click picture for full size image)

[This is not the base form ]
Height: 6' 10"

Weight: 210lbs

Orientation: Straight

Mood attributes
• Eyes are normally a shade of grey, crimson when angered.
• Stitches will come loose when angered.

• Mostly Silent
• Calm, Calculating
• Extremely loyal to respected peers.

Personal Interests
• As a devil, he enjoys making deals
• Helping others (Mostly when it benefits himself)
• Experimentation
• Fighting
• Forging weapons and armor ( He is an expert Blacksmith )
• Studies the Arcane, and other forms of magics.

Weaknesses: In this form he has the same weaknesses that a normal human would have.

Special Note
This form has no secondary special abilities. The only abilities this form can access are the abilities that are shared.
This organic structure is just like any other human body, but has no heart. Instead of a heart, in place of it is a condensed pre-evolved form of Ix'Aruul connected to the circulatory system which pumps both nuclear and electrical energy in place of blood through the veins. When cut, his body leaks a bright blinding light of intense white and creates a miasma of radioactivity.
Though as weak as any other human in this form, Ix'Aruul has the ability to use Ki to make himself 10x stronger than normal, normal strength with cybernetic enhancements allows him to lift up to 5,000 metric tons and deal out damage nearly twice that.
This form has no reproductive system.
Skin is from various bodies and is in need of constant repair with stitching and skin grafting.
• Aside from stitching skin and skin grafting, body has a store of constantly reproducing Nano machines that are integrated with the body to enhance key senses and motor functions.

Prototype S.S.R-00Λ( Prototype Symbiotic Sin Revolver: Lambda series):A sentient revolver manufactured by Wrath that has the ability to bond with its user at certain instances. A heavy weight metal was used in the construction of the first series of these revolvers, a mix of Platinum and Molybdenum makes the gun's weight unloaded at around 40lbs and at around 50 when loaded. Because of the complex structure within the revolver and the sentient mind it was built with, the revolver is capable of using both regular armor piercing .50 caliber rounds for 6 shots chambered and an additional unknown amount of energy bullets dependent on the user's energy limit which could be anywhere from one more additional shot before reloading if the user is inexperienced and not developed, to several hundred if the user is an experienced energy wielder. The sentient symbiotic link was used once on a test subject but was found to be faulty as the symbioses became parasitic upon tasting the host's energy, draining and depleting the users life force until they were a mere dead husk; the revolver also ran the risk of exploding after taking in too much energy at once. This line was scrapped as a result and would be built upon in the upcoming first series after several productions of the Lambda series, and a multitude of trials and errors, there are hundreds of Lambda copies that still remain.

S.S.R-01WΣ(Symbiotic Sin Revolver: Production Wrath/ Sigma series):
The first completed product of its predecessor the Lambda series, the Wrath, Sigma series is a complete success with terrifying results. First, the revolver's weight issue was addressed and replaced with a lighter weight and more durable depleted Uranium and Platinum mix bringing the weight down to 12lbs unloaded and 22 when it was. The chamber still housed 6 armor piercing .50 caliber rounds but this time within each individual chamber a circuit limiter was installed in lieu with the symbiotic core in the stock of the revolver to prevent an overcharge as well as unnecessary filtering and feeding from the user. The symbiotic effects of the revolver could only be initialized by a notch button on the grip that essentially locks the chamber in place to complete the circuit allowing for the symbiotic entity to bond with its user. Alternately, the symbiosis could be deactivated with that same button. Along with the normal armor piercing rounds, the revolver is capable of firing a multitude of other ammo types including but not limited to: Psychic bullets, energy bullets, explosive bullets, charmed bullets, etc. Another feature of this revolver is the newly installed ejection system that helps with the reload process by ejecting spent shells from the chambers. Within the grip of the revolver is a type of identity circuit that will only allow the gun to be fired if Wrath itself is holding the revolver. If anyone else tries to fire the revolver, it will do nothing at all, the trigger will be incapable of being pulled and the hammer as well. If someone tries to meddle with the design of the revolver without shutting down the fail safe known only to Wrath, the symbiotic entity will self destruct the revolver with a 1 megaton blast of reserved energy packed into the revolver's grip. Because of the issues the Lambda series had with taking in too much energy for extra bullet usage without shells, a limiter has been installed only allowing the user 20 more shots before having to reload with actual bullets once more. The cool down time for this feature being a full half an hour in Earth standard time.

Vyzov(Defiance): A blade forged by Ix'Aruul using parts of his beast body and materials of an alien origin, the blade itself is practically indestructible and carries within it his blood. The paradox crystal was used in the forging to create the innards of the sword which give it a portion of its abilities. The sword's blade is 15' - 35' long, and hidden within are rather dark secrets. A single slash from Vyzov can tear a hole through dimensional fabric, the blade feeds upon its masters wants and needs and applies them to the combat. If a person is cut by Vyzov, the wound will not heal, for the mystical properties within the blade force an aura of miasma around the point of striking, ensuring that not only will the wound not heal but the area will be eaten away. Following this, Vyzov's strikes will heavily degrade other weapons until they crumble to dust or otherwise. While wielding this sword, Ix'Aruul has the ability to further control time at a localized region, letting him appear to be one place, and then another just as easily by ripping through time at specific points at will. The sword, will only obey Ix'Aruul, unless he wills the weapon to another being. Another technique native to the sword, is a dramatic gravity increase within a mile's range. The final technique born to Vyzov, is the ability to assimilate attacks. Once a technique is used against it, the blade will learn it and transfer it to Ix'Aruul's memory. When around its sister sword, Vyzov will glow an intense crimson color, and when around imminent danger, it will turn a pitch black color and hiss.

Cecidit(Fallen): Ironically named, it is a holy weapon crafted from the bones and weapons of angelic creatures. Within the cross that serves as the hilt, pommel, and guard courses the blood of countless Seraphim, Cherubim, and Archangels.The blade took roughly 2 years to complete and is near indestructible. In the event that the blade itself breaks, it will manifest itself into an ethereal blade that can cut as easily as any other with a sharpness known to cleave through the most adamant of materials as well as through the soul until it regains its corporeal form. Mainly an offensive weapon, the blade will purify whatever it cuts and holds the ability to absolve a being regardless of how extreme the sin. The only being that can wield the blade is the creator, Ix. Having infused its own blood within the cross and blade allows the creature to wield Cecidit without repercussion. If an angelic being takes hold of the blade they will be instantly absorbed into the cross to power the blade further; if a demonic being takes hold of the blade they will meet with instant absolution before being released from life. Among the blade's abilities are weapon manifestation which allows the wielder to summon ethereal blades of vast numbers to attack, absorption of demonic energy and aether, wing manifestation upon the wielder and most offensively the ability to wield Holy fire to varying degrees as well as purifying light. While holding the blade, Ix will be immune to angelic attacks as well as toxins and otherwise foreign materials that might enter the body. Its restorative capabilities allows Ix to generate life force to heal other beings or resurrect them. Defensively, the blade can generate a holy barrier capable of repelling energy based attacks; the downside being that physical attacks can get through with ease. Because of the vast amount of Seraphim blood contained within, the blade has a voice that speaks in Enochian; certain holy magics can be wielded as a result. Wielding the weapon for long durations will cause Ix to become possessed by it. Because of its complex creation and careful enhancement, the blade's abilities cannot be nullified since it is alive and sentient. The blade will speak to Ix to inform the creature of danger that may be near. Lastly, while wielding the blade, Ix will manifest a dull golden halo over his head as well as change his appearance to look more angelic which includes pristine skin and silvery white hair.

Rei: A weapon forged after a fight with Hunger. This weapon was created with the use of the four singularities that had been created on parallel Earth which provided Ix'Aruul with extra materials not found on the normal Earth to incorporate with his weapon. From the pommel down to the tip this sword is indestructible and varies in size depending on the singularity cores being activated. The blade itself is 20 feet long when fully activated and as small as 2 feet when inactive. When using one core the blade extends to five feet and unlocks the first ability which while it is extremely simple, can cause severe damage. The first ability is the power to increase the weight of whatever it cuts five times of a hundred that of what it already was. A normal person would die from a single cut, where as a more inhuman being or deity would last through two or three more cuts before being crushed by their own mass. When the second core awakens the blade increases to ten feet long and gains the ability of dimensional cutting in hand with the first ability. How the time dimensional cutting works, is that the blade appears to be on the physical plane of existence while it is actually only a shadow and is cutting in another time in the future or the past. While it looks as though the blade is simply passing through the opponent, it is actually cutting them in another time and the only way to set the time which is limited to 100 years back and forward, is to turn the core's dial on the blade clockwise or counter. When the third core activates, the blade extends to 15 feet and discards the second ability to use the first ability to the fullest. The ability that is unlocked is the power to absorb mass and use it to disperse energy waves equal to that of which was released. The greater the mass the greater the attack power. The final core that is awakened unites the other three together and extends the blade to its fullest. The final ability is named absolution, and with the use of the other abilities in juncture with the last it gains the ability to not only crush whoever is cut, but also send them through a rift by individual body part to another time or dimension. Whatever is cut also ages drastically backwards or forwards depending on the second dial's position. With the final core active it would be possible in a killing blow to turn the opponent into a singularity themselves to be used to feed the weapon which is one of the drawbacks. Only a sin, or a being with vast amounts of energy can wield this weapon. Once active, it is constantly feeding off the wielder until it is deactivated.

Fighting Techniques

Advanced Sword Techs

Null: A simple technique, either with a swipe from his sword, or connection, Vyzov will cancel out the afflictions sent against its master.

Disgrace: This technique works in a simple way. By striking with the hilt of his sword after making contact with his target, several tons of gravity will bear down upon the afflicted target, past what already is around by using the user's channeled energy.

Viper's Wrath: With this ability active, Vyzov will coat itself in a venomous aura which when used in connection with a slash or anything of the like, causes degradation and heavy poisoning upon whatever is hit.

Recall: Calls the sword back to its masters hand by means of teleportation.

Morningstar: By stabbing Vyzov into the ground, The user channels a massive amount of arcane magics into the blade, using the planet as a conduit to summon a massive meteor storm that takes place from both the ground and the sky.

Singularity: A circular marking is made through the air with the tip of the blade, and then with a slash outwards and application of the paradox crystal, Vyzov will create miniature 25 meter wide singularities through the air that will act like buzz saws before disappearing after a few feet is traveled.

Shingetsurin(True Moon Ring): Fires several charge shots of matter distortion outwards with a blue flame from the tip of Vyzov, forming a circular rotating beam of fiery energy which can be used to carve through foes.

Shin-Messenko(True Destruction Flash): An expert series of slashes made into a barrage wall of spiraling dimensional tears through the air at the opponent in literally a flash, taking about 3.5 seconds to rip open around 300 or more dimensional tears.

Hand to Hand Techs

Heart Stop: A simple use of heavy strikes in rapid succession towards the solo-plexus, giving enough force to temporarily stop a heart.
Mantis Strike: With a curved and precise heavy strike towards the clavicle, the opponent loses the use of their arms if the clavicles break.
Heaven's Gate: A form of assassination technique. By concentrating all motion to one fluid strike in a chopping motion aimed at the back of the neck precisely where skull meets the spinal column, the target is left paralyzed with a heavy chance of death.
Serpent Strike: Pinpointing key pressure points, the opponent is then struck with the index and middle finger simultaneously at a point to either paralyze, or kill if struck hard enough at a key vital point. Technique used in rapid succession.
The Manji Demon: Executed from horse stance, it is a series of axe kicks upon heel drops towards the ribs and head with the intent of disabling the opponent.
[There are more, but to list them all would be extremely tedious, these are just samples]

Next Cycle: tbd


(Click picture for full size image)

[Form only accessible during the Full moon. This is an automatic transformation that Ix'Aruul has no control over]
Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 257lbs

Bust size: 32D

Skin color: A dark grey and golden mix

Orientation: Prefers Males.

Mood attributes
• Body gives of a poisonous miasma when angered.
• Skin tone darkens when angered.
• When embarrassed, body gives off high amounts of heat.
• When selecting a mate, body gives off a Pheromone.

• Arrogant
• Mischievous
• Treacherous

Personal Interests
• Seducing opponents and friends alike to get what she wants
• Causing fights
• Fighting
• Enslaving her opponents

Weaknesses: If at maximum energy capacity, charging her with more energy will cause her to accidentally expend all of her energy to the point of near death. In this form she has an extreme allergy to silver.

(Female body Structure)

Main BodyInterior

• 3 working hearts and 5 E.A.S. cores. (Other two including the two backups are discarded as waste during each transformation)
• Lungs are a hybrid structure that filters out toxins and poisons and stores them in a poison sac located within the interior stomach.
• Blood is made up of a Lithium diisopropylamide and a n-Butyllithium blend making it a hyper corrosive base. it's color is clear within the body but turns to a black color when exposed to air right before catching on fire and exploding violently.
• Two pheromone sacs located at the horns within the hollow section near the base.
• Has 2 eyes total, 3 sight types available.
• For gravitational and weight purposes, bones are a diamond mixed super structure.
• Body has 3 circulatory systems and 2 nervous systems.
• Muscle fibers are double layered for maximum utilization of strength

Circulatory System
• Main circulatory system uses a base type of blood.
• 2nd Circulatory system supplies the body with radioactive energy.
• 3rd circulatory system transmits antiviral agents throughout the body.

Nervous System
• Main Nervous system is routed through the entire body to control main motor functions.
• 2nd Nervous system is routed to the tail exclusively to give it a higher range of control.

Digestive System
• A complex system that allows for energy consumption and production.
• 3 toxin sacs reside within that produce a virulent and corrosive gas commonly known as miasma.
• Stomach can enlarge itself when consuming a being of large mass.
• Intestinal tract is 20 ft long.

Reproductive System
• Body is capable of producing offspring by asexually generating an egg that is produced out of the mouth.(Hatches in a day )
• Can forcibly select a mate by using her pheromones which has a strength closely related to mind control.
• By consuming her partner's body, she is able to produce their offspring. Offspring ranges between 10 and 15 children per partner. Even if the Full Moon cycle ends, if pregnant she is stuck in this form until birthing is complete. (Gestation period is 30 days )

Main BodyExterior

• Tail is normally 13 feet long.
• Horns produce a virulent and intoxicating pherimone.
• Skin is covered in a neurotoxin that makes it look shiny and dangerous to the touch as it causes paralysis.
• Additive of Paradox crystal into structured DNA allows the skin to withstand dimensional changes and shifts.
• Wingspan is 50ft each, can be used to form a net to ensnare prey.
• Hair is part of the nervous system and can be used as a sensory tool, or weapon if a high enough electrical current is concentrated through it.

(Female Abilities)

Organic Ability
• Within the center of each heart is a radioactive super core which outputs 3.2 Yottajoules of energy per millisecond.
• Her tail is capable of electrocuting prey.
• Has the ability to shape shift parts of her body.
• Wings can grow in size as needed.
• She can lift in excess of 5 tons and output 2 tons of force.
• Can expel toxic miasma from mouth as well as various types of combat ready poisons.
• Is highly skilled in projectile energy combat.