Homo malus aut bonus potest. Homo igitur timere aut beautus esse potest. Beatus esse volo.

Gifts Given:

Sweet Sugar Honey IcedTea - 5,000 gold and a s**t load of ink.

Catchren- 130,381 gold Enchanted Book

Charshu- 1,000 gold

Ram-Kun- 1,000 gold

Fox-002- 1,000 gold

Son Alex- 1,000 gold

Bluemoon-147- Winter Rose eek

radar-mydoggy-Cloud Zebra Top Peasant Gloves [female]

Montresor19- Buttoned Down Feather Shirt 'n' Sweater

Ocean Aviator- 200 Gold

Synyster Ice (son alex after hacking incident)- 4,000 gold.


Catchren- 68,542 gold <.< Pizza

Charshu= 4,700g heart heart

Fortune Teller01=2,900 heart heart


Taylor6676=7,944 heart

Comicfan92=1,000 heart

Mysterious Ayame=1,000 heart

Ash Twilight= Soldat Steel Uniform Top and 4,000 gold. heart heart heart heart

MikinZyStaRr= 1,000 heart

[Brain Sold Seperately]= Long Black Socks

Fox-002=Man Eating Plant, Cig, Red bow tie heart (Paid off 1k)

Exposed-to-Love= 5,000 Demonic Anklets heart heart heart heart heart

Son Alex=Dark Tux heart heart heart

Feuerkrieg=8,900 heart heart heart

psychelapis= 700 gold. (towards getting a Dead Sexy Midnight Coat)

Jaxster= 1,800 gold (towards getting Romani Glasses) heart

SapphireShara= 2,000 gold heart

Captain-038= 500 gold.

Heavenly Persocom= Pine Peacoat heart

Shroopliss=700 gold. (for my Gaiaversary) heart

Pieces of Mind= Charcoal Cat Tail, Lawl and Order Belt Black Work Jeans User Image

Lonelyha= 115 gold.

Arthela= Pumpkin Eyepatch (for my Gaiaversary) User Image

Garnet Lia Zeises- Surprise Antenna ball Scion Red under glow Ninja antenna ball. Cry Antenna Ball Angry antenna ball Scion Side Decal Dead sexy skull pin Sparkling Eyes Clown Makeup Purple Matte Wall Tile Brown Beanie User Image
Spirit-Rose razz ossum Flint Grey

vampiric_faery- 21,700 & Elemental Hair User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

Black Misery29: Skeleton User Image

1-Bran-don: 1,000 Gold (for my 15th B-Day) User Image

The_Blessed_Mule: (for my 15th Birthday from the Guild) 100 Gold.

SeiReTSYM- 666 gold *odd number* ( she said she donated for my "sexiness" wink

0_o eyetwitch o_0- Red Ghoul on my Head!


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The Book

As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.

~Leonardo da Vinci




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Yam Yam Bao

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Yam Yam Bao

Just click view equipped list
Yam Yam Bao

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Yam Yam Bao

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dead cop city

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dead cop city

thank u

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♥ Bump ♥
Tofu Head1

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Tofu Head1

Aw thanks, you too! emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
Ama Vian

Report | 10/29/2011 7:16 pm

Ama Vian

thanks for buying^^
Phoenix 038

Report | 08/07/2011 3:01 pm

Phoenix 038

Salvete, friend.
I haven't been on here in what seems like years...which very well may have been the case..
I went back to give my stuff to DJ, and saw your comment on my page. Your level of study in foreign languages reflects an open mind and a high capacity to learn new things. Those traits will help you shine in this ever-changing world.
As for me, while much has stayed the same, much has also changed. I entered into UT last year undecided upon which path to take. So I started with both. Biology major (Medical Path) and Reserve Officer Training Corps (Military Path). By year's end, I had attained nearly straight A's, ended up on the Dean's list, and was offered a grant scholarship from the US military only available to a single hand picked MS1 cadet, on top of a full ride if I contracted to work for them as a future US Army officer.
And though I burned inside to be a soldier, I turned it down..
Long story short, I fell in love. To the point where a front line infantry officer was no longer me.
Yes, it sounds dumb..but like I said. Long story short...
Instead, I opted to follow my father's path and become a doctor of physical therapy. I transferred to the Roane State Oak Ridge Branch to become a Physical Therapy Assistant as a fallback in case something doesn't work. I'll then return to UT to finish a bachelor's.
I apologize for the length of this message, but much has happened since we last spoke, and I admire you for reading to this point.
I'm sure things have changed for you too, but if you're still headed in for Anthropology, I wish for you the best of luck, and from what I know of the adept young gentleman named Brandon James, I'm sure you'll do fine. This may be the last thing I ever do on Gaia, but if ever you decide to get your facebook back, hit me up.
Valeo, old friend.
And for what it's worth, God bless.

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You are very welcome!