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Journal [rìjì zhàng] (日记账)

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Mei Mei's Thoughts [Mèi Mei de Sīxiǎng] (妹妹的思想)

I love you [Wǒ ài nǐ] (我爱你。)


About this solicitous maiden [Guānyú zhè gè yīn qín de shǎonǚ] (关于 這個 殷勤 少女)

✿ Nation/Represents: Taiwan
✿ Capital: Taipei
✿ Country Flower: Plum Blossom

✿ Human Name: Mei
✿ Gender: Female
✿ Birthday: October 25th, 1945
✿ Age: I haven't been keeping track exactly... I have more important things to worry about, you know。 Although, wrinkles and gray hair is something to panic about if I continue to not have a clue of my age。 Oh, dear。
✿ Hair Color: Brown
✿ Eye Color: Brown
✿ Height: 150 cm (4' 11" ft)

Nǐ hǎo [Hello] (你好)。 -smiles happily-
Wǒ jiào Táiwān [I am called Taiwan] (我叫台湾), but there might be occasions where people call me Wan-chan (originating from 'Taiwan'), or "Mèi Mei" (妹妹), meaning 'little sister' in Chinese。 I tend to worry a lot about my family - worry about anything a lot in general, actually. I can't help it, lā。 I'm a worrier! I can't stop being so worried; you'll see once you get to know me lā。 If you would be so kind as to say, 'Don't worry', while I'm anxious, that would be really nice of you. Xiè xiè [thank you] (谢谢你)! ♥

I am quite stubborn; I never listen to someone when I know they're right。 I just dislike it and refuse to listen! But, that doesn't mean I don't do the right thing in the end, of course。 And I prefer talking things out instead of dealing them with violence。 Violence never solves anything, lā! That is, unless they deserve it...b-but not too much violence, if it's the case where it's needed。

I hate the sight of blood; it makes me uneasy。 I can never physically hurt anyone or anything in the world, and the mention of 'war' makes me cringe with, well, uneasiness。 Oh, and any cruelty (eg: a cold attitude) scares me so much lā; it's awful。 ...However, that does not mean I cannot fight。 If I have to, I will。 But, words first。 If that does not work - if fighting is the very last last choice, then hǎo lā [alright] (好啦)。

I really love smooth fabrics。 Silk is so amazingly soft; I always love working with it! I love making clothes lā; it's so fun and satisfying, after, to see your beautiful creation! I hate it when someone wears, for example, clashing colors; it makes me cringe at how wrong that looks, duìbùqǐ [I'm sorry] (对不起)。

I love all my siblings dearly。 Please don't hurt any one of them, or me for that matter lā!

Ah, and also, I do not swear...at least not anymore.. Hm。 Japan made me change my ways... I did not want to at first* (I didn't make this; found it on a site and used it for my convenience), but then I realized he was right。 Besides, swearing looks bad coming from a female。 -nods-
[* = credit to the artist! ]

Xiè xiè for reading and visiting my country lā c: ~

~Memories & photos of me~

Slow down!! Can't you wait for me!? >'[



You have landed in Taiwan! [Nǐ jì yǐ dēnglù zài Táiwān lā!] (您 既已 登陆 在 台湾 啦!)

One Million Years at a Glance [Yī Yăn Wàn Nián] (一眼萬年)

Do you want to talk to me? [Nǐ yǒu gēn wǒ xián huà ma?] (你 有 跟 我 閒話 嗎?)

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Shippussy Report | 02/18/2014 8:12 am
Splendid! I am very pleased to hear that. I've been well, actually.
Mainly just relaxing and belly dancing. ^c^

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

Shippussy Report | 01/12/2014 12:54 pm
Taiwan! How are you, my dear?
-Kawaii Bunny Gamer- Report | 10/22/2010 5:03 pm
-Kawaii Bunny Gamer-
^__^ hello, Taiwan <3
secremothballs2 Report | 08/27/2010 2:29 pm
wat ever you say
secremothballs2 Report | 08/27/2010 2:05 pm
right xd
secremothballs2 Report | 08/23/2010 7:07 am
....didnt i go to war with you before Vietnam? or was that Kora.........GAAHHHHHH ALL YOU CHINESE LOOK A LIKE!!
secremothballs2 Report | 08/21/2010 6:10 pm
... wat?!
secremothballs2 Report | 08/20/2010 8:02 pm
well theres still Afghanistan
secremothballs2 Report | 08/20/2010 1:23 pm
secremothballs2 Report | 08/20/2010 1:05 pm
((i miss spelt stop)) NEVER MIND THE WARS OVER YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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