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Gender: Female

Location: Themyscira, Paradise Island

Occupation: Princess of Themyscira


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A DC Villainess Report | 08/27/2014 9:50 pm
A DC Villainess
-Hissss- stare
Second Chance at Fate Report | 08/11/2014 4:15 am
Second Chance at Fate
Nocturnal Vigilante Report | 08/10/2014 11:09 pm
Nocturnal Vigilante
Try like, one of those Marionettes.
Nocturnal Vigilante Report | 08/10/2014 9:43 pm
Nocturnal Vigilante
Lady Shiva?
Nocturnal Vigilante Report | 08/10/2014 9:33 pm
Nocturnal Vigilante
What about, "Katana"?
Nocturnal Vigilante Report | 08/10/2014 9:30 pm
Nocturnal Vigilante
Hey, thanks so much. I really appreciate this, far as swordsmen go
Long list but there might be some good ones.
King Aquaman Report | 08/10/2014 5:46 pm
King Aquaman
add him and we can be the super 7 V
Second Chance at Fate Report | 08/10/2014 4:23 pm
Second Chance at Fate
Need a GL for your profile?
ChiIdish Gambino Report | 08/06/2014 12:17 pm
ChiIdish Gambino
Lemme see the Gal Gadot WW.
King Aquaman Report | 08/06/2014 6:40 am
King Aquaman
Now we have a full house wink



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Name: Diana of Themyscira
Alias: Wonder Woman
Aliases: Diana Prince, Diana of Themyscira, Princess Diana, Princess of The Amazons, Goddess of Truth, Diana The Goddess of Truth, Wondy, Wonder Girl, The Amazon Princess
Relatives: Zeus (father), Hippolyta (mother), First Born (half-brother), Lennox (half-brother), Milan (half-brother), Zeke (half-brother), Siracca (half-sister)
Affiliation: All Star Squadron, Amazons of Themyscira, Black Lantern Corps, D.E.O., D.M.A., Deputy Lanterns, Female Furies, Furies, Gods of Olympus, Insurgency, Justice League of Europe, Justice League of Amazons, Justice League of America, Justice League Task Force, Justice League Unlimited, Justice Lords, One-Earth Regime, Star Riders, Star Sapphire Corps, Super Friends, Super Powers, Themyscirian Embassy, United Nations, United States Army, White Lantern Corps
Occupation: Ambassador of Peace, Superhero, Princess of Themyscira
Base of Operations: London, England
Identity: Public
Alignment: Good
Race: Demigoddess
Citizenship: Amazon
Marital Status: Dating
Gender: Female
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Back
As one of the longest continually published comic book characters, Wonder Woman’s history has undergone some changes over the years, though a few elements remain consistent in all of her depictions. She is the princess of the Amazons, a race of women who live free of men on Paradise Island (later dubbed Themyscira). After growing up on this island, Wonder Woman (whom the Amazons named Diana) journeys to man’s world on a mission of diplomacy and peace. Until DC's New 52 relaunch, there were a few other aspects of the origin story that remained consistent. Her mother, Hippolyta, created her out of clay, and the Greek gods bestowed her with life, making her the only Amazon who was not conceived by a man. She grows up among the Amazons who teach her the skills of a warrior as well as the lessons of peace and love. When Steve Trevor, an American pilot, crash lands on Paradise Island, the Amazons have a contest to determine who should receive the honor of taking him back to man's world and acting as an ambassador of all that the Amazons represent. In the golden age this led to an infatuation with Steve Trevor that persisted throughout the golden and silver age versions of the character. After Crisis on Infinite Earths, the character’s origin was slightly retold by George Perez. In this version the Amazons were in fact reborn from the souls of abused and murdered women from ancient days. In 1200 B.C. a debate occurred in Mount Olympus on how mankind should be made to believe in the Gods. Ares, the God of war wanted to descent upon the world with his army and force mankind into following the Gods. This was opposed by the others Gods present including Artemis, who wished in peace and wanted to make a new race that would lead men on the right path. Zeus turns his back on them and they decide to proceed without his blessing. With the aid of Charon the ferryman, the gods reach the Womb of Gaea, were the souls of women who were abused and murdered at the hands of men were preserved by Gaea herself. Artemis sends the souls to Greece were they form into adult women. Aphrodite observes that one soul still remains in the Womb to which Athena replies the time has not yet come for that one.The new race in Greece are approached by the Gods who bestow them with the skill of hunting and the purpose of leading humanity in the right path. They appoint Hippolyte and Antiope as the rulers while Menalippe is the Oracle. The civilization is named the Amazons. Stories of this civilization, named as Themyscira by the poets spread throughout Greece and reaches the ears of Heracles who is driven into attacking the city behind the scenes by Ares, who seeks to sabotage the gods' plan. Heracles approaches the Amazons but is defeated by Hippolyte upon which he fakes friendship and declares the Amazons as allies. When their guard is down he poisons Hippolyte and his army attacks the women in full force taking Hippolyte, Antiope and the other survivors captive. In his cells, Hippolyte is freed by Athena who reminds her of her purpose and asks her to avoid revenge and pursue peaceful means. Hippolyte escapes and frees the rest of the Amazons. She relies Athena's message to the women but blinded by their thirst for revenge, the Amazons slaughter the men ruthlessly. The Gods appear and tell them they have failed in their purpose and banish them to an Island known as Paradise to guard the terrible evil within as punishment. They are also granted Immortaility as long as they do not stray from their new purpose, which would eventually purify their souls. The Amazons build a nation and live there for Millennia. It is during this time that Hippolyte, leader of the Amazons feel an unexplainable yearning. She conveys this to the Oracle who tells her she was the only one pregnant during her death and thus the yearning she feels is the call of her unborn child. As per her advise, Hippolyte goes to the shore at sunrise and makes a clay form of a baby. She then cries out to Artemis. Seeing this the Gods decide it was time for the remaining soul in the womb of Gaea to depart. The soul is sent to the clay form, which then becomes a real child , blessed with Gaea's gift, life. Demeter grants the baby great strength, Aphrodite grants her great beauty and a loving heart, Athena grants her great wisdom, Artemis grants her the eye of the hunter and unity with beasts, Hestia grants her sisterhood with fire and Hermes gives her great speed and the power of flight. Hippolyte names her after a holy warrior Diana and she grows up knowing the love of a thousand mothers. Thus Diana of Themyscira was born. The most recent version of the character’s origin (since the new 52) has not yet been told in totality, but certain things are known. It has been revealed how the Amazons replenish their numbers (they do so by kidnapping sailors and using them for procreation before killing them) as well as the fact of Wonder Woman’s divine lineage. Despite the fact that Zeus is her father it does not necessarily remove other facts about her origin from canon (for instance the blessings of the gods) though it remains to be seen how or if this will be incorporated into the ongoing stories. In the Zero month of the new 52 in which DC was planning to tell the origins of the character from the new 52, the story for Diana focused on the fact that she had been trained by Ares when she was a teenager though she eventually rebelled against him. It is as of yet unclear how this factors into her new origin. When Diana first came to man's world she encountered a group attacking the Pentagon. because of this she befriended Barbara Minerva who was working there on ancient antiquities and Barbara helped her acclimatize to man's world.

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