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I'm simply a 18 year old, college freshman trying her best to not succumb to the tempting lifestyle of a hermit. emotion_smilies/icon_facepalm.gif

My interests include, but not limited to:

-RPG games
-My 3DS
-Music (Listening only, all genres)

I'm very socially inept, but PM me anyway.

~My Avi's and Art~


Kat Casualtie ~ 25k
visible noise x ~ 50k
Someone Anonymously Gifted ~ Superior form (Who are you? ;.; )
Shotgun Symphony ~ Bento Bunny
Summerssnowfallxx ~ 2k
shanii16z ~ Mint Bunny Fluff Plushie smilies/icon_heart.gif
Saiuri Kamiya ~ 50k
SeXbox 369 ~ 6.9k (My avi won his approval. c; )
hey nerds ~ 12 mill
character limit ~ Butterfly Jab
DigitalEscape ~ Pale Triplet
Alpaca Child ~ 20 Mill
Radioactive Homicide ~ 4 Mill
Someone Anonymously Gifted ~ Caroling Medic (Thank you. c: )
Lothwen the Harpist ~ Purrfect Mein <3
Starmark_21 ~ Roses of Mare Frigoris Gown by Dernier*Cri
toufu-time ~ Galactic Cadet
Jensen Is Awesome ~ Astra: Sakura Breeze
Dicano ~ Checkmate Void


smilies/icon_heart.gif~Questing Art and Cafe Rosa~smilies/icon_heart.gif

Female/18/College Student/Single

Imma fox, all cool and stuff. emotion_smilies/icon_dealwithit.gif

I send random PM's to people with Avi's I like. emotion_smilies/icon_dowant.png

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~The Face Hiding Behind the Avi~