My name is Chloe.

About Me

-I am deeply infatuated with these people... Kurt Cobain, Bob Dylan, Adam Yauch, James Dean, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Michael Nesmith, Jim Morrison, Donovan, Matthew Broderick, Buster Keaton, John Lennon, Prince, Eric Burdon, Jakob Dylan, Robin Gibb, Elvis, Brian Setzer, Johnny Ramone, Robin Zander, Davy Jones, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Dave Grohl, Marlon Brando, Billy Idol, John Lloyd Young, David Cassidy, Ian Mitchell, Jim Parsons, Adam Pascal, Charlie Chaplin, Frankie Valli, and Alan Wilder. I'm not ashamed.

-I totally love fanny packs.
-Silent films are the best kind.
-New Yorker accents are my favorite.
-Charlie Chaplin is the greatest actor of all time. Also, he's my husband.
-My favorite color is plaid.
-I love everything about the 20's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's.
-I wear bell bottoms. Forget tackiness. They are so comfortable.
-I genuinely love disco.
-I like rockabilly too.
-I'm a guitarist.
-I'm a drummer.
-I love swing music.
-I have no Facebook because I hate it. IDGAF.
-I have an unhealthy obsession with the show Good Eats and The Big Bang Theory. Oh, Alton Brown and Sheldon Cooper.

Favorite Quotes:

"I'll tell you one thing, son...nobody ever lends money to a man with a sense of humor."
-Peter Tork in Head

“I’m not drawn to the old neighborhood, my life never revolved around the old neighborhood, I don’t give a ******** about the old neighborhood.”
-Bob Gaudio in Jersey Boys

"OK, very important. There are two types of women, type A and type B. You listenin'?"
"OK, type A. They're real easy. Jump right into bed with ya. Then later on, they bust your balls. Type B. First, they play hard to get. Then later on, they bust your balls.
-Tommy Devito and Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys

"I do have a test today, that wasn't bullshit. It's on European socialism. I mean, really, what's the point? I'm not European. I don't plan on being European. So who gives a crap if they're socialists? They could be fascist anarchists, it still doesn't change the fact that I don't own a car."
-Ferris Bueller in Ferris Bueller's Day Off





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A Pariah

Report | 08/16/2012 5:50 pm

A Pariah

Anytime 4laugh
A Pariah

Report | 08/16/2012 5:48 pm

A Pariah

But it's true 3nodding
A Pariah

Report | 08/16/2012 5:45 pm

A Pariah

Your face
des hiboux

Report | 07/27/2012 1:12 pm

des hiboux

my pms wouldn't let me write you back crying

no problem, hun emotion_bigheart
i love you iggy pop

Report | 06/18/2012 1:28 am

i love you iggy pop

my goodness you have fantastic music taste
Probably on Molly

Report | 06/15/2012 12:36 pm

Probably on Molly

Well, did you like it?!
Jungle is my favorite.
I just walked down to a job interview, kinda nervous.
Played Jungle on ym ipod the whole way,
Damn i was just like skipping along,
Almost wanted to start skanking haha whee
Probably on Molly

Report | 06/14/2012 10:04 pm

Probably on Molly

To whom??
Or rather to what possibly?
Probably on Molly

Report | 06/14/2012 9:28 pm

Probably on Molly

Alright, look up:
Rebel MC & Tenor Fly- Born again (Serial Killaz Remix)
Probably on Molly

Report | 06/14/2012 8:11 pm

Probably on Molly

Music is a BEAUTIFUL thing like that.
As much as i love EDM, i still have to find time to
go and listen to all the other stuff too. heart
Ready for some jungle?
Then imma look for some stuff that you'll really like i hope.
Probably on Molly

Report | 06/13/2012 10:52 pm

Probably on Molly

Keep em boucnin- Pretty lights sweatdrop


"You're telling me you don't see the connection between the government and laughing at people?"

Nirvana:The Monkees:Beastie Boys: Prince:Ramones:Bob Dylan: Donovan:The Animals

Me and Ferris Bueller <3
"Ferris Bueller, you're my hero."

✖R.I.P. Adam 'MCA' Yauch✖