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Wonko the Sane 42

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Welcome. Call me Wonko. As you can tell, I'm sane. Very sane.

So this is the fifth(?) time I'm rewriting this "About Me" section and frankly I think I've gotten worse and worse with each passing attempt. Hopefully this one will stay relevant for a while.

I started this account to post on the Life Issues forum board. I was going through some rough times and just generally started giving up on the world. I posted there more and more and, one day, I realized that I hadn't logged into my main account for weeks. Since then, this has been my main account.

I'm 21 as of this writing 22 years of age, a techie as it were (I made this profile from scratch, do you like?), and a general cynic. I love video games and programming almost as much signs. Speaking of which, here are my favorite signs, or at least the ones that are safe to post here...


I love signs, so please make them for me. I buy sometimes, and I make and trade sometimes, when I have time and reason to.

Also, current background art is by iiKiui!
Avatar art is by lncompIete!