Well howdy there, thanks for checking out my profile. Would you like to know something about me? WELL JUST ASK YA JERK. Only kidding! The name's Will, Willey D. if you prefer. I only have Wonderful in my name cause somebody stole the name "Willeyd". This person is my arch rival, I don't know who they are. Anyways I like pirates. The kind that steals dat booty, not the kind who steals dat music. It's okay though, I like everyone, NOT! I dislike almost everyone! I got a lot of issues see? Issues with myself, issues with other people, issues with the world. Let's not talk about that right now, let's talk about music. Who do you like? I probably don't like them. That's enough chit chat, please have a look at my art gallery. I made them all specially for someone who probably isn't you.