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aha! gotcha!

zOMG Badges.

  • Peelunger Pounder[120]
  • Gramster Gladiator[121]
  • Lawn Gnome Clipper[122]
  • Lawn Gnome Mower[123]
  • Pink Flamingo Fighter[125]
  • Mushroom Cannon Thumper[128]
  • Air Fluff Deflater[131]
  • Garlic Picker[134]
  • Skeeter Squasher[137]
  • Laceback Bootsnake Skinner[140]
  • Laceback Bootsnake Butcher[141]
  • OMG That Hurt[143]
  • Clutch Holder[146]
  • Cherry Fluff Victor[149]
  • Taiko Drum Banger[152]
  • Taiko Drum Boomer[153]
  • Ghost Lantern Dim[155]
  • Ghost Lantern Shadow[156]
  • Ghost Lantern Eclipse[157]
  • Kokeshi Doll Trickster[158]
  • Kokeshi Doll Reveler[159]
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what about her?

two decades and seven years old.
favorite color: purple.
pretty deep, huh?
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yamikurokaze Report | 05/16/2015 7:43 pm
xD kind long way...but yea...i already resign....end of this month i free------ > v> back to wild cat.
u too~ take good care~ yami always here...so dont worry....whenever u come i always here~here~here~
yamikurokaze Report | 05/01/2015 7:08 pm
oAo my job horrible....so i trying resign......OTL....... oAo gaia everyday for my fish......n spam ppl~ n wait for z news....but but....T^T still nothing..... yami miss z......
User Image so yami now days is super duper tired,sleepy,n lazy......OTL yami want watch anime.....but no time....yami want play play play......but no money....yami want buy lots item but no gold....。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。 IRL n GAIA also horrible for me now.... LOL jk...no no no never horrible..... as long as there ppl for me to spam ~ xD
yamikurokaze Report | 04/18/2015 7:05 pm
User Image miss my meow power? emotion_kirakira MEOW-----
xDDD ...long time no see~ how days? yami in "dont want do anything mood" lazy.....xD
yamikurokaze Report | 04/03/2015 6:45 am
User Image
RAPsody Ltd Report | 09/26/2014 10:32 am
RAPsody Ltd
I just had to say, I love the gif in your sig... BEST kiss ever! emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira
alex_kai23 Report | 09/25/2014 9:38 pm
^^ thank you woman heart
Lucid Lice Report | 09/22/2014 3:43 pm
Lucid Lice
omg ty !! redface
Uppermost Control Report | 09/18/2014 5:42 pm
Uppermost Control
Skrillex makes music that sounds like dubstep mixed with screamo. M4sonic is a EDM artist =p
DHVtheWOLF Report | 09/18/2014 2:44 pm
lel xD
DHVtheWOLF Report | 09/18/2014 2:39 pm
Thank You... biggrin XD Codings on my Profile has a Failure... xD